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a spotlight on the green side of bottled water

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-02-20
Last summer, activists accounted for 2007 of the bottled water industry.
In their website and press releases, many environmental groups point out that bottled water is a major example of an unnecessary product that uses scarce resources and adds to overburdened landfill sites
Growth in the industry has indeed slowed.
But most industry experts
Even some environmental activists
The protest was not the reason.
On the contrary, it is a combination of rising prices, relatively cool weather, and perhaps the most important thing is the maturity of the industry.
\"We don\'t even sell snacks --
Until 1989, water will be given to the bottle . \"
Nestle Waters chief executive Jeffery, which sells waters from Polish springs, Perrier and five other brands. “But the per-
The per capita use of bottled water is growing and will continue to grow.
In a recent conversation
Jeffery insists that bottled water will continue to sell well, no matter how much criticism is received.
Here is an excerpt from the conversation: Q.
Tap water is not only more eco-friendly than bottled water, but also cheaper.
Will this combination end up attracting consumers back to the tap? AdvertisementA.
Bottled water attracts people to stay away from soda and sports drinks instead of taps.
About 70% of the drinks people drink are packaged.
All of our studies have shown that people buy Gatorade, juice, other sugar or diet drinks without bottled water.
16% said they would drink tap water.
But you can\'t ask for a bottle of tap water at the deli.
Advertising, you may buy a bottle of water for $4 at Fenway Park, but when you buy a box in the market, a bottle of water costs about 15 cents.
It is still much cheaper than other convenient drinks.
And, given the prevalence of obesity, it\'s much healthier. Q. Healthier?
But there have been concerns about pollution over the years.
The same is true of tap water-
But the filtering system can solve these problems. A.
Of course, there have been isolated incidents.
But these are pollution problems introduced in stores rather than in manufacturing.
Our entire industry adheres to a formal set of good manufacturing practices.
Infant formula is the only other product that the Food and Drug Administration can make this request. Q.
Still, activists are trying to make people feel uncool and even guilty about carrying bottled water.
Are you not afraid to bounce? A. Not at all.
We are aware of the improvement in noise levels, and since July we have conducted telephone and internet surveys every few weeks to check whether people\'s perceptions of our industry are changing.
The study has always shown that people are aware of the problem with bottled water.
But they don\'t go back to drink sugar and they don\'t rely on the tap. Q.
However, despite the environmental impact of bottled water, they may still buy bottled water.
You always think bottled water is actually helpful to the environment.
Isn\'t that a bit counter-intuitive? AdvertisementA.
We are not perfect.
For example, the entire consumer goods industry lags behind the recycling curve.
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But we rely on sustainable water sources, so we are always aware of protecting the water and the surrounding land.
When we find a new spring, we build a factory nearby.
We keep shortening the distance between our products and our customers.
For products, traveling more than 250 miles from source to store is rare. Q.
None of these can solve the problem of bottles.
Can you really justify using all the plastic? A.
We use less packaging than soda or other convenient drinks.
Nestlé is launching ecoform, a 12.
5g plastic bottle with half liter water.
This is about 15% more than our current bottle and we use 15% of the energy of the month to do this.
By the end of the year, all our brands will use it. Think of it —a half-
The amount of plastic per bottle of polish spring is less than half an ounce.
The bottle for carbonated drinks is twice the weight, and the bottle for Gatorade is three times the weight. Q.
You make Nestlé\'s water and its industry sound like a group of people hugging trees.
If so, why do you think so many environmental activists are trying to get you out of business? A.
They tried to see this as a struggle between bottled water and tap water.
What they really want is to ensure the quality of the municipal water supply.
Many of them are concerned that the easy supply of bottled water may make people no longer pay attention to the need to better manage the municipal infrastructure. Q.
Why don\'t you fight back?
I haven\'t seen ads promoting the environmental benefits of bottled water. A.
I will be happy to answer questions like you are asking now.
We have started to play ads about our lightweight packaging because we think it\'s a different point for us.
But like other companies, our resources are limited.
We have the lightest-
Contains the weight packaging of the healthiest products.
I want to spend our advertising money talking about the properties of my products and the company.
I don\'t want to spend them on some negative conversations that some of the other groups decided to start.
A version of the interview appeared on the New York version of the print on page C2, titled: The headheld spotlight on the green side of bottled water.
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