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aqualight - water bottle flashlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-06
Have you ever taken a flashlight around the house and noticed how beautiful it looks under a glass of water?
Now you can capture this beauty in the water bottle of your choice!
So, build your aquali today!
Aqualilight is a portable flashlight that you can use around the house to gently illuminate the entire room.
It can also be converted into an insert wall socket so it can be used as a low level socket
Power lights or beautiful nightslight.
Best of all, it\'s cheap and easy and anyone can build it, so build yours today! !
Parts: cheap 3x AAA flashlight$1 (
There should be one in any dollar store.
It is better to have a sliding switch with a tail, click the switch instead of the side sliding switch, because the sliding switch is usually a cheap mechanical switch, it is difficult to use. )2\' of Wire -Free (I used 22 languages.
High power LED-
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