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by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-02-29
If you think that the so-called 1000 lumens offering of your brand\'s new flashlight is an ultra-bright tactical flashlight, you will be disappointed when you see its performance.There is no doubt that there is a lot of 1000 plus lumens in terms of brightness, but your flashlight may not be close to lumens output.Brightex Technologies recently has its own flashlights and 3 other flashlights that were sold by the 1000 lumens statement tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL.The LEDs for this 1000 lumens flashlight are all used, while the LEDs for both of Brightex\'s products are U2.
From independent results, non-The profit organization proves that the lumen output of the 6-6 flashlight is about 325 lumens on average.This is an amazing 675 lumens mark.It is found that the lumen output range of the Brightex flashlight using U2 LEDs is 600-700 lm.By the way, the company has never claimed to offer more services than that.The test results can be found on Brightex\'s website.Keep in mind that the tested flashlight is one of the more popular products in their category, but when tested by a separate agency, their manufacturer\'s statement becomes flat.The first thing you need to understand is that there is currently no LED bulb that provides 1000 lm brightness for devices powered by portable batteries.Even U2 bin LEDs does not provide this brightness because it is equipped with advanced switching technology, which exceeds T6 in terms of performance, and what we are talking about here is products made in the United States.If a Chinese-made LED is passed out as an original T6 in your flashlight, you will only get a small part of the 325 lumens provided by the American-made T6 LED.In addition, the other three factors also affect the light output of the flashlight.A high quality Circuit driver can increase the performance of the LED by up to 20%.Similarly, the right reflector and the lens add 10% light output each time.So, if these factors are not optimized, you can deduct another 30-40% lumen output from LED.In fact, the lumen of the light output is less than 100 lumens.So unless your 1000 lumens flashlight has UL test results to support its performance, you may not have a super bright tactical flashlight!The Brightex flashlight has been tested through the UL lab and Brightex XR-The 700 XM L2 U2 LED and its superior circuit drivers have a proven 700 lumens light output!In addition, other leading companies have also been tested by Brightex at UL labs, and although they claim to have about 325 lumens, their actual production is only about 1000 lumens1200 lumens!So if you\'re looking for the brightest flashlight I suggest you go to Brightex XR-700 Tactical Light

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