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best android flashlight app round-up

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-07
There is a great chance that you will use your smartphone as a temporary lighting.
Usually the light on the screen is enough to see your way in the dark or find those keys, but if you don\'t want to worry about it timing out or you need a powerful light, then a flashlight app is the way to go.
Many smartphones are equipped with the flashlight app pre-installed —
My HTC has a simple flashlight app with three brightness settings.
There are also a lot of free flashlight apps on the Android Market that tend to offer more.
They can use the LED flash where they are available, or they can only use the screen.
Some of them provide color options and effects for emergencies or just for fun.
Let\'s take a look at the first three options.
This is the most popular free flashlight app on the Android market and it\'s easy to understand why.
The interface is very simple, when you load the app, the default is LED light, and the LED light can be turned on or off by clicking on the power switch in the center of the screen.
You can also choose different levels of brightness.
If you click on the icon in the upper right corner, you will have access to the options menu.
Here you can choose to use your screen as a light, you can choose the flashing orange emergency light, you can choose a light bulb option that allows you to slide up and down for brightness, and swipe left or right to change the color.
There is a color screen option that works the same way as the bulb, but with less glare.
The alarm light option flashes red and blue with a flash effect.
You can also select the default option in the Tools menu.
This includes deciding whether or not you want the sound or vibration accompanying function.
To fix this, you can choose from a variety of widgets so you can quickly click on the home screen and turn on the flashlight.
The app is free, but it is supported by advertising.
Ads appear at the bottom of the screen and will not really interfere with your use of the app.
It only takes more than 2 mb and the only real downside is that you can\'t install it on the SD card.
If all you want is more than a standard flashlight then this app will be perfect for you.
This is the simplest flashlight app.
When you load it, it turns on your LED flash and screen as bright white light.
There is an icon at the bottom of the screen so you can access the settings menu.
Sound, timer and display are your easy choices.
When you start the app, it makes a whooping sound and when you exit it makes a downward sound, you can turn it off.
Timer settings allow you to select auto-
Time of 2 minutes, 10 minutes or never close.
For the display, you can simply choose between the LED or the screen, and by default, turn both on for maximum brightness.
There are no widgets or additional features.
This app is also completely free and again supported by ads.
Ads appear at the top of your screen and are not notable.
This app also only accounts for more than 2 mb and cannot be installed on the SD card.
As the name suggests, this is the brightest Android flashlight app around.
The annoying thing is that it doesn\'t have brightness control, so you can\'t dim it at all-is it sunspots blinding or nothing.
Color Flashlight HDThis is an updated version of the popular Color Flashlight app, which is a good choice.
The home screen provides you with a simple switch to turn the LED flash on or off, and in the upper left corner you have an icon to turn the screen on or off (
It will turn bright white if you turn it on).
The icon in the top right corner gives you access to a large options menu.
There is a simple brightness control slider that can be added to the bottom of the screen.
There are also a range of interesting options, including flash and color effects, the ability to set up lights, the ability to set up static, scroll, blink or slide text, and some silly fun options.
The fact that you can set the color, brightness and speed of the flash is great.
The extra options are like animated wallpapers with moving elements and various colors.
Candle effect, some moving spots, a spiral, a random color flash, a disco and an animated screen that says \"I love you \".
Advertising is also supported by this free app, ads are a bit annoying --
They appear in the upper right corner next to the control, so it\'s more likely that you accidentally click on them.
On the other hand, this app only accounts for 1.
3 MB, even better, you can move it to the SD card.
Unfortunately there is no widget option.
The best Android flashlight AppMy top pick is definitely a Color Flashlight HD.
It has a wide range of options and takes up less space than others.
They are all easy to use and work as expected.
Because of the widget options, the small flashlight is great, the brightest flashlight is really the brightest, the color flashlight has a lot of options to move to the SD card, which is really convenient if you are trying to find memory.
By the way, the other two apps claim to be smaller in the Android market, but the number I\'m giving here is based on \"settings-apps-manage apps\" via my phone\"
There are hundreds of other flashlight apps on the Android market, but these three are enough for most people.
What is your choice?
Comment and let us know.
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