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best blackberry flashlight apps

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-05
Your BlackBerry smartphone can be used as a flashlight or flashlight when you don\'t have real things.
While BlackBerry flashlight apps can\'t be of any benefit to the battery life of your phone, they are certainly a good choice in case of binding or emergency.
Here are the best flashlight apps for BlackBerry smartphones. One-
Touch the bright video FThis flashlight app to use a more energy efficient camera light instead of a full screen as a light source and do so without turning on the phone camera.
When the flashlight is active, it darkens the display and the status display to save power, which would be great if you were going to use the video light for quite some time.
A nice touch that Storm users will like is \"prevent flick-Out\" feature.
The light goes off for a second when the phone changes direction, so the developer has the option to prevent this from happening.
Maybe there\'s a good reason they haven\'t turned on this feature all the time, but if you find this movie, it\'s a good choiceout annoying.
This BB flashlight costs $2. 99.
This is a simple flashlight to use BB.
One of the main differences between this flashlight app and other flashlight apps is that it does not start the flashlight using an icon.
For those who wish to add the flashlight feature without installing more apps to disrupt the home screen, it could be a good thing.
Instead, camera lights can be turned on from the smartphone\'s menu.
The developer has designed this app to keep the flashlight on until it is off, which is very handy when you need both hands to work freely in the dark for a while.
OneTouch monthly fee for flashlight $. 99.
Whether you\'re looking for mood lights for romantic encounters or want to customize the lights on your BB smartphone, this is probably the best option for you.
ColorLight allows you to customize the Pearl trackball or status LED.
In addition, you can change the color of your phone\'s screen to multiple colors and effects.
Although the app can change the status LED lights of various BlackBerry phones (
88xx, 83 xx, 81 xx, 82 × 0, 8900, 9000, 9630, 85 × 0 and Storm)
, It can only customize trackball lights on pearls, so keep this in mind before purchasing.
The app cost $4. 99.
The radical FThis is one of several applications that allow the \"side convenience key\" to be used to turn the flashlight on and off.
Instead of using the camera light of the phone, the flashlight has settings that change the color profile of the display, which also makes it a good mood light.
The app also has the SOS feature that can be invaluable in case of an emergency, but there is no doubt that users will also use it to have fun.
The radical flashlight was originally designed for storms, but can now be used for Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Curve 8900, and Bold 9650.
The app costs $3. 99.
Conclusion while flash may be interesting for party scenes, these BlackBerry flashlight apps also have more practical applications.
In an emergency, such as when the power runs out suddenly and you need to look around, or you need to send an emergency service signal to your location, they can be handy.
Users just need to make sure they don\'t run out of cell phone batteries or leave juice for the call.
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