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big bounce in trampoline parks puts safety in spotlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-26
Trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular, and many trampoline parks have emerged throughout the country in recent years, but the rise of the industry has received the attention of safety advocates.
Trampoline park-a venue that features fixtures that allow you to jump and bounce-initially appeared in the 1960 s, a re-popular fashion
In recent years, with the improvement of economy and people\'s pursuit of sports choice, sports came into being.
Although only a few parks existed in 2009, according to the International Trampoline Park Association (IATP), at least 345 parks were operating at the end of last year.
Trampoline near 100,000
Related injuries occur every year: according to US data, 83,665 people were in 2013 and 94,900 in 2012S.
Consumer Product Safety Committee
In addition, 22 trampoline
According to the CPSC, the associated death occurred between 2000 and 2009.
Courtney Cleveland was injured at trampoline park and her spinal fracture was told it could be worse.
\"You\'re lucky,\" Virginia\'s mother said . \".
\"If you break a bone7 [vertebrae]
You might be paralyzed in a bubble pit.
\"Most jump parks require visitors to sign a liability waiver that recognizes the risk of serious injuries and deaths.
But there are no federal regulations in trampoline park, and only Arizona and Michigan states have specific safety laws on the books.
The chairman of trampoline safety advocacy, Tom Wen, wants to see more regulation of the park before you bounce.
\"This is a dangerous situation for consumers,\" the paper said . \".
\"We have proven this with data, but nothing has happened.
\"The indoor jump park industry believes that every sport and sport is at risk.
Jeff Pratt, president of the International Trampoline Park Association, said the industry is currently supervising itself, and many parks follow voluntary safety guidelines.
\"The indoor trampoline park industry is very proactive in working together in a collective group to develop a set of standards and proactively working with legislators,\" Platt said . \".
Think about it before you jump, and people visiting trampoline park will follow these guidelines: many trampoline-
According to the Consumer Product Safety Committee, the damage was caused by a collision of multiple people on the trampoline at the same time.
Authorities have also pointed out that the somersault and stunts are a danger because people may be injured or paralyzed if they do not land properly in the head or neck.
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