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bollywood actor akshay kumar wears a sanitary pad, spotlights menstrual hygiene in new film

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-16
Chennai, India (
Thomson Reuters Foundation-
Bollywood has a new superhero that is unlikely
Brave enough to use a unique weapon, the sanitary pad, to fight the taboos and discrimination faced by women in their time.
The trailer for \"PadMan\" was released on the weekend before it was released on January, showing Akshay Kumar, one of the most popular action heroes in Hindi movies, wearing a sanitary pad and talking about menstrual hygiene, talk around topics rarely discussed in India.
\"I hope something is hidden in the dark. . .
\"I will eventually be the focus so that a young girl can go to her parents and say she needs sanitary napkins instead of fair Frost everywhere,\" Twinkle Khanna said . \" Who wrote the truth-
He lived in a book and made the film.
\"After writing this book, the obvious way to get Indian modern and rural consciousness into this field seems to be through a movie, and today we are here, she said in an email interview.
Menstruation is shameful and uncomfortable for many Indian women, especially girls.
Activists say they face many challenges during their menstrual periods, from being banned from religious shrines, to eating restrictions, to the lack of toilets and sanitary products.
\"I personally have not faced these taboos,\" Khanna said . \".
\"But some of my friends at boarding school met a few.
No access to the temple or (the belief)
Touch kimchi will make it sour, it\'s some age-
Old myths that have been ingrained since day one.
Unlike the formulaic Hindi film plot, Padman will be the first feature film in India to focus on menstrual hygiene.
The film was inspired by the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham --
The man wanted to \"please his wife\" with a sanitary pad instead of her rag from the beginning \".
His wife\'s response is that the purchase of sanitary pads will cut Muruganantham\'s milk budget
Women across India buy pads.
\"I\'m excited because the film talks about a difficult topic in an interesting way and it gets to the masses,\" low-
The cost sanitary pad manufacturing machine told Thomson Reuters Foundation.
The film captures his trial, he makes a cheap sanitary pad, he wears a sanitary pad, uses animal blood to test if it leaks, and his community talks openly about menstruation
A school dropped out of school and Muruganantham now runs a company in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, providing sanitary napkins for women in 4,500 villages and for his
\"The trailer for the film caused a stir during menstruation,\" said Kavya Menon, who is also in the Kerala collection of sustainable menstruation in southern India.
\"We hope that these conversations will also lead to discussions about what sanitary napkins are made of, safely disposed of, and sustainable menstruation.
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