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designer spotlight: crane & canopy innovates designer linens at affordable prices

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-02-21
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Karin Sun, a former P & G executive, has brought her consumer problems.
Use the skills of cranes and canopy to solve the bedding industry.
Pioneer of San Francisco-based, direct-to-
Consumer companies are preparing to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their milestone and continue to focus on innovation, ethics-produced, high-
High quality designs are sold online at a convenient price.
\"From day one, motivating and pleasing our customers with the freshest and brightest designs of the season has always been a top priority for our team,\" said Sun, founder and CEO . \".
Known for its original Nova duvet cover, Crane & Canopy announced to make the bed cumbersome --
Free, 80% easy.
They also offer a range of attractive, luxurious and reasonably priced products
Friendly sheets and recently extended to premium bath towels.
Sun co-founded Crane & Canopy in 2012 with her husband, former engineer and business strategist Chris Sun.
The two met when they received an MBA from Harvard.
Kristina Moore: What prompted you to launch the crane and canopy?
Karin Sun: when I purchased my first home, the original seeds of the crane and canopy were planted.
I like every minute of the process.
From visiting the open house, to experiencing the highs and lows of putting down the first offer, to dreaming of transforming the house into a home.
Only when I started decorating my new home from scratch did I realize there was a gap in the market.
I want to decorate my modern home with designer bedding, but I find it difficult to do this without breaking the bank.
When I was chatting with friends who were also decorating the apartment and the house at the time, I found that they had similar experiences.
This is the aha moment for me to start the crane and canopy.
We launched Crane & Canopy with a mission to provide beautifully designed bedding, duvet and sheets at a reasonable price.
By passing directly to the best linen factory in the world, using only quality cotton, we bypass the middleman and bring our modern home decorations directly to consumers from the factory.
Since we launched, we have launched hundreds of different designs and products.
Consumers can find all kinds of beautiful colors, patterns and textures on bedding, duvet, sheets.
How does Crane & Canopy\'s Nova duvet cover the work and why does it appeal to busy professionals?
Our Nova duvet solves all the frustrations that bedding can bring!
When I was in P & G, we wereCEO, A. G.
Lei Fuli will emphasize the simple idea that \"consumers are bosses\" over and over again.
\"If we always listen to consumers and develop ideas and products that solve practical problems for our customers, then the rest will be in place.
When I started using Crane & Canopy, the core idea of Lafley always came to my mind.
We talked with consumers and found that almost 80% of people found that they could not wear down comforters or make beds efficiently.
So we designed a different type of duvet that addresses the biggest frustration people face on bedding every day.
With Nova, it\'s not only very easy to buy a quilt on a duvet cover, but it takes 80% less time to make a perfect bed each time.
Over the years, we have received great feedback about Nova --
Last winter, our Nova accumulated a waiting list of more than 1500 people.
Can you meet the demand this year?
This year we have been able to meet the needs of all Nova styles and have them in stock.
What are the business challenges (if any)
Keep the available price points while ensuring quality?
Let our global supply chain continue to deliver the highest service
Providing quality products to our customers at the best price is something we think about every day.
In order to maintain our standards, we are constantly traveling around the world, visiting and meeting our factories to check in and adjust our production practices if necessary.
Our bedding is different from other brands as all of our down comforters have unique details, including an inner corner tie, to ensure the safety of the duvet and zipper, making it easy to close down the duvet.
Our customers love these details because they make our bedding beautiful and innovative.
However, the design and implementation of these details, as well as the management of thousands of SKUs, face operational challenges.
The work has never been done for us.
This is an ongoing cycle of customer feedback and production design adjustments.
Where did you get the design inspiration for the crane and canopy?
Our design inspiration comes from many places, from new seasons to beautiful places to classic fashion.
I like to imagine what kind of life my customers might be living, or what kind of life they might be thinking about, and then start creating stylish, fun decor from there.
Our bedding is beautifully designed but exciting and a bit unique.
We just finished the upcoming spring/summer series, which is my favorite!
It is inspired by the elegance of coastal life, filled with the most beautiful colors of the season.
I like it very much because it can send you to the seaside.
Tell us about Crane & Canopy\'s new \"smart\" towel collection and when and why do you know it\'s time to stop selling exclusive bedding?
Our towels were amazing and we expanded to Bath this winter and I was very excited.
Over the years, we have met the needs of many consumers, in addition to linen, we also need to expand, for a long time, people have been eager and need a soft, absorbent, and affordable
We were inspired by the idea of bringing the happy spa experience home and we traveled to Turkey to pursue this vision.
Of course, the end result is our deluxe towel, which feels very soft and exhibits excellent durability and absorption.
100% long by Turkey-
With a weight of 700g, this staple cotton is the perfect balance between warmth and weight.
Like bedding, we considered every functional design and detail --
Our bath towels and sheets come with a handy built-in-
It is easy to hang and dry towels in circulation.
Crane ko-Crane and canopy bedding & bath towel factoryTex certified.
What does this mean? Oeko-
Tex is a certification system for textiles. at each stage of production, products must be tested for prohibited and harmful substances and chemicals.
When we first started, it was very important for us to deliver not only products of high quality, but also products of ethical and responsible manufacturing.
Since our establishment, we have kept our factory at the highest level of textile production.
What are you most excited about in today\'s e-commercecommerce space?
In the next few years,
Business space will continue to mature and expand, and enterprises need to work harder to stand out and bring real value to their customers.
Over the past few years, we have been working to build a brand that resonates with our customers,of-a-
Products with competitive prices.
Many times we reject the temptation to make quick profits.
Instead, we focus on building a brand that is very interesting and attractive, which brings us long-termlasting value.
We are pleased to see that the industry has moved to the company in accordance with our business philosophy.
Congratulate you on the five coming.
What is your vision for cranes and canopy for the next five years? Thanks!
It was an incredible and valuable journey and I was lucky enough to work with an extraordinary team.
From day one, motivating and pleasing our customers with the freshest and brightest designs of the season has always been a top priority for our team.
In the coming year we are planning to keep rolling out new bedding and bathroom collections and we have some new fabrics, textures and layers that we can\'t wait to share with our customers.
There are also many interesting vertical industries, such as Baby and Child bedding, which we can go.
These are questions that our customers have been asking for years, so I would love to continue pursuing them as we move forward.
How do you replenish your creativity and energy?
It is very important to have a little downtime.
I like to relax with a good book and a cup of tea and I have never underestimated the power of a good night\'s sleep.
Quality sleep can really change your life, though I have to admit that being with babies at home can be fleeting!
Usually, things that add my energy also add to my creativity.
Being with my family, visiting new places and really immersed in the different cities I live in San Francisco, I was inspired.
In the end, being with my son can always inspire my creativity because he sees all the wonders!
These days, when I find inspiration in everyday details, I try to be present --
I will notice a place that can be changed, a problem that needs to be solved, or a beautiful element that is missing, and I will start there.
I like the idea of making every day more beautiful.
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