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designer spotlight: dagne dover organizational handbags expands into luxury leathers

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-02-21
Designer is a regular column focused on style/design and working women.
Online handbag brand Dagne Dover is known for its coated canvas exterior and thoughtful
The interior design of the design continues to meet the diverse aesthetic and functional needs of today
Assign tasks to women with the new bag series.
Pebbles of every classic design
Leather bucket, satchel, tote bag and clutch bag include the signature compartment of Dagne Dover to tidy up the daily necessities, A convenient sunglasses bag, PEN/lip gloss ring, water bottle holder or removable key strap such as padded laptop, tablet or smartphone sleeve, wallet pocket or credit card slot.
Spacious leather cosmetic bags are also available.
The leather collection has a wide range of seasonal neutral color palettes.
PRICE From $125 (clutch)to $495 (tote).
So far Dagne Dover has raised $1.
Warby Parker and Bonobos investors David Williams and 3 m capital from Dominic Cioffoletti, former vice president of sales.
Melissa Marsh worked as a business consultant and senior client assistant at Coach before co-founding Dagg Dover.
She received her degree in Metropolitan studies from New York University and an MBA from Wharton.
Co-founder Stacy Dover was trained at the Parson Institute of Design and worked as an intern at the coach, Armani Exchange, and Dennis Basso before becoming creative director of Dage Dover.
Prior to the co-founder and chief operating officer of Dagg Dover, Dipa Gandhi served at Lehman Brothers and the Monaco club.
She received an MBA from Wharton School of Business, and after receiving an international degree in research, startup and management from Johns Hopkins University, she was recognized by the Wharton Risk Award and the Wharton scholarship.
Kristina Moore: Since you launched it in 2012, how has the market for Dagg Dover grown?
Melissa Marsh: Our goal has always been to create a brand that helps people control their lives.
We do this with carefully designed handbags.
When we first launched our brand, it was most welcomed by students and professionals who carry laptops and other bulky items on a daily basis, who did not want to compromise for the organization.
As we expand the range of products, our customer base has also expanded.
For women who are familiar with the Dagne Dover brand, they now prefer Coach, coolburch and Michael Kors ---
They used to run traditional brands.
As we roll out new collections, new materials, and new bags, including special-purpose backpacks and weekend supplies, we see that this trend continues.
By focusing on the needs of our customers and understanding how their lifestyle has evolved, we have created our own space in the market.
Just like Apple and lulullemon, we are redefining the expectations of our customers and expanding the market while maintaining the brand spirit of our thoughtful design.
What is the inspiration of Moore ne Dover\'s unique handbag design element?
Geary Dover: as professionals, mothers, sisters, bosses, friends, we all experience the pain of a messy bag. . .
A dirty phone, lost keys, wrapping paper, crumpled files, black abyss, etc.
These moments highlight a problem that three of us are experiencing, so we designed a version of the solution!
Through detailed research, close connections within our community, and good partners, we are able to design a product system that combines our clean design aesthetics with our passion for functionality
For every new product we release, we take the same thoughtful approach.
Moore: are you always going to provide leather handbags? Or is there a catalyst for this decision?
Dover: We \'ve always wanted to launch a premium collection with quality materials and avant-garde views.
We like our signature variety as a style --
Women with ideas, we know that our functional elements will translate well into something more fashionable.
Forward the collection.
The end of autumn 2016 is the best time to introduce leather editing.
Moore: What are the biggest challenges you face? How did you overcome these challenges?
Our bags are complicated to make. -
They need twice as much manpower, twice as much material, and a normal handbag.
So one of our biggest challenges is to find reputable, ethical factories that produce our detailed designs and maintain our high quality standards.
We overcome these challenges by bringing in a new procurement and production specialist with 18 years of experience.
Attracting and recruiting industry expertise at this level is one of the main reasons for our success.
While we may be the founding team of millennials women from retail, we recognize the importance of bringing in people who are more professional and experienced than ourselves.
Moore: What is the cost of designing a dagdo Buddha bag and bringing it to the market?
Dipa Gandhi: We went above and beyond purely financial costs when considering bringing new products to market.
We must take into account all the resources needed to successfully release the product.
We consider human capital, lead time involved, testing that requires entry into the process, and marketing plans.
Our development and release cycle can be up to 18 months, because we only launch new products when we can ensure that new products truly represent the Dagne Dover brand.
Moore: how do you deal with customer needsinventory?
Gandhi: we have data.
Drive and test-
The first philosophy of dagdover.
This is especially helpful when it comes to balancing customer needs and inventory.
Our process is to launch a limited number of new products or colors, observe how fast we sell, start waiting for the list, and then re-order based on performance and seasonal expectations.
Most of our business depends on the year.
The rounded contours and colors make it unnecessary for us to worry about outdated seasonal stock, which is usually the kiss of death for new fashion brands.
Moore: How important is customer feedback to dagdover?
Does it cause any design adjustments or adjustments?
Dover: if we knew one thing, we wouldn\'t be here without customers.
We firmly believe that listening and asking questions is the best way to create truly good designs.
Our communication is ongoing and we will not hesitate to update the product if we see the opportunity to improve it.
Our conversations with our customers help us understand what they are looking for and connect on a deeper level.
Are you going to raise more money?
When it comes to raising money for e-commerce, what kind of challenges might surprise customers
Business fashion company?
Yes, we will continue to raise funds based on our growth needs.
A major challenge for brands to be born in this electronic age
The business side is to truly understand your business and find investors who are in line with this vision-
Not just the most accessible capital.
Many brands sell well and they have made a lot of money.
But having a high valuation does not necessarily mean they are close to making a profit, nor does it mean they have a loyal, complete
This does not mean they will be attractive to investors or buyers in the future.
We address this challenge by ensuring the growth of our retail business.
Investors with ideas that agree on our point of viewof-
About what would make dagdover a long-term-
Sustainable Brands.
Moore: the fifth anniversary of Dagg Dover is coming.
Where did you see the brand for the next five years?
Dover: Our goal is to let as many people as possible know about our products and brand information.
We are opening up international e-commerce
New Point of sale, we will continue to create thoughtful and good
Designed products.
As we continue to add new twists and turns to the real design concepts we \'ve tried, customers will have reliable sources of innovative and functional products year after year.
While we don\'t know exactly what this looks like yet, we look forward to taking our dagdover friends on our quest.
Moore: how do you replenish your creativity and energy?
I like to break my routine--
Whether traveling in New York or walking around, I rarely explore.
I find that observers and culture are the source of my creativity and inspiration.
I\'m also surrounded by a lot of sounds. -
Bring my baby in the office or at home.
Being alone for a few hours keeps me awake, gives me the energy to focus on what\'s next.
Gandhi: The first thing to restore my energy is to spend time with friends and family, especially my niece.
The kitchen is where I release my creativity. -
I like to try new techniques and come up with surprising contrast between taste and texture.
What I need from time to time is to get lost in a new place.
Dover: allowing my mind to wander is a supplement to my creativity and energy.
Whether it\'s exploring a new world through movies, getting lost in a book, or traveling to a distant country, it\'s easiest to get into a creative space of thought when I\'m completely free.
This happens a lot when I\'m alone, but if anyone is willing to go to that place with me, it\'s even more inspiring!
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Kristina Moore is a style expert focused on visual presentation and is a dynamic professional tool.
She is the founder and editor of the company\'s fashionista.
Kristina welcomes your comments and questions.
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