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designer spotlight: flaneur\'s high-tech, custom-color bedding enables personal style

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-24
Designer Spotlight is a regular column focused on style/design and working women. Flaneur, a NY-
Lu Xiong, a Columbia-based graduate, and Tian jiao yuchuang\'s online bedding startup are subverting the luxury bedding industry with its color --
Matching technology enables them to customize
With any color-demand.
Professionals can express her personal design style quickly and easily through the customization of Flaneur
Dyed sheets and duvet;
Delivery within 10 days.
The two felt that customers should have a say in home design and were committed to getting them out of the current color restrictions on the bedding market.
\"Bedding is an important personal decision and will not normally be seen as such in the home industry.
True ability, United Nationsinhibited self-
The expression in this category is limited at best.
With Flaneur, customers can now really judge what is fashionable, what is comforting, what is inspiring, and what is the right blue or shade --
It\'s not something that other industries force you to do, \"said Xiong.
Flaneur is also proactive in the production process to ensure quality, ethical standards and available prices --
Including strong partnerships and
DNA testing of technical fabrics.
Custom luxury brands-
Dyed bedding set for $400-
$475, duvet $360-
$400, above the industry average.
Before Flaneur, Xiong and Yu created Aktively, a global hands-on
In the workshop market that connects consumers and local manufacturers.
Xiong also co-created the iPad app, Storykid, to help children tell better stories, while Yu Minhong is the project manager for Richard Attias & Associates.
Both are teaching assistants while earning a degree in East Asian language culture and comparative literature from Columbia UniversityXiong a Ph. D.
Before winning M. A.
Ms. Yu from Peking UniversityA.
Graduated from Norman University, capital city of Beijing, China.
Kristina Moore: Why did you two get together to launch Flaneur?
Lu Xiong: Flaneur is French for a dreamer, idler and city stroller.
We see ourselves as a unique product and supply chain through the passion of creation, and as a flanker for entrepreneurs.
After graduating from Columbia University, we decided to travel around the world for a while. through this Open experience, we met families with rich textile traditions, legendary manufacturers. true artists -
We found a very purposeful modern workshop. Fill in business.
Tian jiao Yu: Flaneur was born from this experience with a simple idea: a sophisticated, modern and fun way to personalize bedding.
How does it work and why should professional women invest in Flaneur bedding?
We want to share a few facts.
Fact: Our slogan is \"changing sheets\" because we think there are some changes that need to be made in the bedding industry and we like to influence positive and innovative changes.
Fact: Flaneur is a fully traceable complex supply chain.
DNA testing is an essential first step in the creation process.
Fact: our custom color, dyeingto-
Complete the order service online.
Most Flaneur customers find their bedding colors through the Flaneur color House, and the curated color matching has always been inspired by Flaneur.
We often introduce new colors.
Fact: Flaneur offers trade plans for all interested interior designers or loyal customers who are proficient in the design language.
Fact: different from most customs
Order opportunities there (
We did not name the name)
Flaneur has invested 100% in custom services, which means that we pass all the benefits to our customers: There is absolutely no minimum quantity or value and you don\'t have to pay any surcharges.
We guarantee happiness for every order.
Fact: whether you come to Flaneur with a wealth of color theory knowledge, or you know you like green to show your eyes, according to your preferences, choose to participate or remove from the custom color journey.
On request, Flaneur will ship a chosen color to the customer for approval before dyeing the bedding.
Fact: Flaneur\'s website is currently being tested.
We are actively testing design solutions to continuously improve the color travel experience and welcome customer feedback. Fact: Seventy-
Among the customers of Flaneur, professional women account for a certain proportion. This is a well-read and well-
If we don\'t mind saying that, go on a trip!
Because co-founders are also professional women, brands are built on their spirit.
This is the wave of a brand.
What is the fabric DNA test and why is it important for Flaneur to provide a traceable supply chain?
Bear: we answered this question from the beginning.
The cotton industry does not have any standards or regulations for advertising Egyptian cotton.
The false marketing voice of the bedding brand is called the headlines.
Many brands, new beginnings
Using Egyptian cotton, which covers a wide range of cotton quality, is a symbol of the brand and brand.
Research shows buyers are confused when it comes to bedding options!
DNA testing of cotton is the only way to test cotton safely and confidentlyup of cotton.
As far as we know, Flaneur is the only brand of bedding to carry out this test.
DNA detection of cotton is a new technology.
Because of this, the service is expensive, time intensive, and there are very few agencies that provide the service.
Flaneur believes that this should be mandatory for all brands that use cotton
For those brands that charge a premium on cotton products, the most important thing is!
Flaneur is the only bedding brand that performs DNA testing on each batch of subima®Cotton.
In addition, Flaneur will reject any batch of cotton containing traces of inferior cotton.
Supima®Cotton has become a complete replacement for contemporary, confusing claims about Egyptian cotton.
Every decision we make in the supply chainfrom the Swiss-
Make zipper during garment dyeing
Helps to last a few decades of life without Pilling or fabric breaking, rather than several washes.
It does not shrink, pill or become stiff after washing several times.
In this way, Flaneur rejected the fast fashion trend of producing low quality to meet the hunger of discount.
We are challenging the traditional concept of manufacturing luxury goods in one part of the world today.
The product we want to bring to people\'s bedrooms is the cooperation of top companies.
Top artisans around the world.
We personally purchase each component needed to make the drawings and talk to the engineers and craftsmen behind each component, the 100% biodegradable sewing line produced from a small town in Germany, by 1910, six tailors began their family business near Shanghai.
We go to the end of the world and find the best solution in every manufacturing step instead of going to a factory, assuming everything has been optimized.
As we have an in-depth understanding of the supply chain, Flaneur guarantees to contribute to the customized service using all the technology and materials.
Tell us about freanek\'s trade plan.
Yu: we launched our trade project last month at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York.
The project is a response to a large number of inquiries from interior designers.
In addition to our customization capabilities
Any color that matches our free returns and color adjustments for all our customers and our satisfaction guarantee, we will provide 20-
Percentage discount;
They can share free customized sample books with customers;
Cooperation with designer brand partners such as dyeing abilityto-
Match their signature colors, for example, or match the designer\'s furniture, wallpaper, or fabric lines.
We will also provide a trained assigned color consultant to work with the industry to provide color expertise and guidance to customers in finding the best shades.
We take the valuable resources to be designers seriously.
The second pillar of our trade project will be to work with designers to produce appearance books and collaboratebranded colors.
Last fall, we launched the first Flaneur look book with the famous [interior]
Designer Stanley e Stanley, the color combination and look are designed by Estee.
What is the most exciting thing to work in e-commerce?
Business space, where do you think the future consumer personalized service is?
Bear: unlike traditional luxury custom services, Flaneur\'s customers can enjoy the comfort of ordering from anywhere they choose at any purchase rate they need.
We believe that personalized service will soon become the winning hand of consumer brands.
Customers are replacing custom non-personal bleach white beddingcolor.
We hope that one day the bleached white sheets will be treated as unfinished.
Research has shown that customers are more loyal to brands that offer customization.
Flaneur uses the word \"bleach white\" because what we are closest to white products is the natural Supima color we offer.
It is a product that is not dyed, but we never bleach the sheets to white. What’s next?
Where did you see franick in three years?
Yu Minhong: We plan to make significant progress on trade projects as a means of building meaningful relationships with the industry.
How do you replenish your creativity and energy?
Bear: I like to appear at the airport without a plan, M & A to buy a flight ticket, but when those special occasions are not suitable, for me, read a book, watching movies and getting lost in museums is also a pleasant way to travel.
There are endless inspirations. I like people-
No matter where I am
All kinds of people
Their sincerity and stories always help me to replenish my energy.
Yu: I try outdoor activities as much as possible.
Hiking deep in the forest can help me stay confident, focused and fresh.
I always bring my camera and sketchbook.
Nature is our best teacher.
I joked with Lu that the New England autumn air had a \"balayage effect\" on the leaves\"
Green in red.
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