10years focused on portable lights 


Loyalty and long term relationships are a feature of the company. We have been working

with customers in North American,Europe,AU,Japan for over 6 years.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: The MOQ depends on the capacity and detailed customized demands. Normal MOQ is 1,000pcs.
Q: What is customization?
A: "Customization" originated in Savile Street, meaning tailored for individual customers tailored. According to the specific needs of customers (customers can not accurately express their wishes, the enterprise from a professional point of view combined with the actual situation of customers, constructive, is conducive to customer customization program), from the quality and image design tailored for customers Out of a rich exclusive style of the light or characteristics, is a "one to one" type of high quality service.
Q: What kinds of crafts do you have?
A: Customized colors, Silk-screen printing, off-set printing, electronic plating, bronzing, alumite, etc.
Q: What is the process of customization service?
A: We can do OEM/ODM and customization. First you provide the concept of the product, then we will discuss the feasibility and find the solution. After that the 3D drawing of scheme will be confirmed by your. The new mould will be made based on the approved 3D drawing, and new samples will be offered as soon as the mould is ready. We will arrange mass production according to the approved new samples. And you can arrange someone or a third party inspection company to do inspection before shipment.
Q: Do you have any inventory to retail?
A: Regarding to regular products, there might be have inventory.
While We only make customization based on customer’s special requirements and there is no inventory.
Q: What is your MOQ for customization items?
A: If the molding cost is paid by customer, then MOQ is same as regular products: 1000pcs; otherwise, MOQ would be at least 50,000pcs.
Q: How long is the lead time?
A: The lead time for new mould is around 50-60days, for mass production is around 30-40days.
Q: Is the new mould my private mould?
A: Yes, the new mould customized for you is your private mould. We won’t use it for any other customers expect you.
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