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glaciallight\'s novel gl-sd60 series, waterproof dc-powered led spotlights or floodlights, are perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting.

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-02-23
Taipei City, Taiwan, July 09, 2010--(PR. com)--
Glacier technology
Unveiled the brand today. new GL-
Waterproof DC-SD60 series
Led spotlight or floodlight. The GL-
The SD60 series is completely dust-
Waterproof, prevents strong water flow from all directions, making it the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor lighting.
The optional beam angle of the design is 30 [degrees]or60[degrees], the GL-
The SD60 series can provide headheld spotlight or floodlight lighting according to common requirements in residential, commercial and industrial places for safety or building lighting. The GL-
Sd60 series power supply on 11-DC power supply15V/22-
30 V, which consumes a typical power consumption of 76 W, has a typical luminous efficiency of 46 lm/W, with a life span of more than 20,000 hours, providing users with excellent mobility and saving their owners from frequent replacement.
The built-in LED driver can use a standard 12v or 24v DC power supply.
In fact, any voltage within 11-15V or 22-
30v is perfectly suitable.
LED driver with Undervoltage-Lockout (UVLO)
If the voltage of the DC power supply is below sufficient level, this will prevent damage.
This level is 11 V for 12 V and 22 V for 24 V.
In addition, excessive
Voltage Protection (OVP)
If the dc output voltage is unpredictable too high, it will prevent damage to the LED light. The GL-
The SD60 LED light is both flexible and protected from a DC power supply perspective.
However, it should be noted that a DC power supply greater than 30v may cause damage to the product.
Specifications * GL-
The SD60 series has warm White (GL-SD60-WW)
The color temperature is 3000 K, cold white (GL-SD60-CW)
The color temperature is 6000 K. * The GL-
SD60 series power supply on 11-DC power supply15V/22-
The service life of 30v and last at more than 20,000 hours frees the owner from the frequent bulbreplacement.
* Full dust-
GL-waterproof to prevent strong water spray from all directions
The SD60 series is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. GL-
SD60 has * indoor and outdoor use * high power efficiency> 87% * high luminous efficiency led * no UV or infrared radiation * meets safety standards: EN60598, EN61347-1+EN61347-2-
13. En5015 EN61547, EN60529, EN62471, EN62031, FCC parts 15 * cold light can reduce the rise of environmental temperature * energy saving and environmental protection
Friendly * dust proof (
Sustainable for powerful water jets)
Suitable for spotlights and floodlights as narrow beam angles, 30 [degrees], of the GL-
SD60 series for and wide 60 [degrees]
Beam angle of floodlighting.
The design of LED lighting products is based on three core technologies, including electrical design (LED drivers)
Mechanical Design (coolingdevices)
And Optical Design (lamp holders)
Performed by glacier power, glacier technology and glacier light in the glacier technology family.
Three core technologies-
On the one hand, GlacialTech integrates all the resources needed to design excellence and manufacture excellent LED lighting products that you can trust.
Advantages and advantages of LED lighting compared to traditional lighting * directional lighting: ideal for flashlight/flashlight and headheld spotlight
Start-up time in cold environment: led does not need to be preheated-
Like the traditional CFLs *, there is no harmful radiation and harmful metals: LEDs are not subject to harmful radiation such as ultraviolet or infrared radiation, nor does it contain harmful metals such as mercury contained in mercury lamps * have a very long life span: in order to save users from frequent maintenance/replacement of GlacialLight\'s LED products, while extending the long life cycle under normal circumstances, considerable power savings for its owners.
* Very small carbon footprint: Environmental protection
Friendly technology about Glacier technology
, Is a diversified provider of cooling, power and PC housing solutions for consumers and industrial applications.
Established close relationship with LED Semiconductor Co.
Globally, GlacialTech leverages the world\'s leading thermal, SMPS and mechanical technologies
First-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and the highest
Premium materials that provide bright, low-power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and other custom applications under the GlacialLight brand.
Please visit the company home page. GlacialLight. com.
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