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heavy duty led work lights: are they worth it?

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-04-02
The heavy duty LED work light is designed to provide the brightest white light in harsh working conditions.
They need to be tough because the LED work light will withstand any of the following situations depending on the location of the installation :-salt water,-
High temperature ,-
Cold temperaturedeluging rain,-
Repeated bumps ,-
In some cases, such as the mining industry, they operate 24 hours a day.
So let\'s ask: why is the LED work light such a brilliant idea?
Okay, I admit it.
It\'s a bit of a pun, but it\'s true.
LEDs produce high-intensity, bright light. How\'s that?
Because LED is a special type of electrical component (called a diode)
It allows electricity to flow through it in a way that produces light.
LEDs glow electronically, which means they don\'t get hot, and the power used is greatly reduced.
As I said just now, the light they send out is super bright.
They are more energy efficient than incandescent lamps.
Most of the electricity they eat is used to generate heat (not light)
That\'s why traditional globes are hard to reach after opening for a while.
This is not the case with Led.
Most of the energy they eat is used to shine.
Their energy efficiency has increased by 400.
But this is not the only feature that makes them so attractive.
No filament LED technology does not use filament, So LED lights can handle bumps and bumps that are often involved in industrial and a large number of commercial uses.
The absence of filaments means that these units are difficult.
They may be punished a lot and it is hard to break.
Because most LED lights contain multiple diodes, redundancy is also built into the design.
If one happens to fail (a rare event! )
There are other light sources in that house that will continue to burn violently.
The voltage spike protection is built-in with PWM (
Pulse width modulation)
To control the current.
PWM turns the LED on and off at a controlled rate, so fast, measured in milliseconds.
There is no flicker effect because the on/off rate is much higher than anything the human eye can detect.
Therefore, this system provides an intangible benefit --
This is a protection against voltage spikes in the vehicle\'s electrical system.
Now let\'s ask: what industries do heavy-duty LED work lights need?
In fact, this is an amazing number of cases where superior lighting is required.
There are only a few here. -Construction. -Earth moving.
For example, excavators, bulldozers, in these places, the whole machine is often heavily affected. -Forestry.
Think about the vehicles logging on uneven terrain. -Marine.
From large passenger ships to small fishing boats, any water vessel may suffer from extreme weather without prior notice.
In addition, salt has a corrosive effect on ocean-going vessels. -Mining. -
Amusement vehicles (RVs). Off-
Especially for road vehicles, the lighting system needs to be robust and durable. -Trucks.
Like trailers and pickup trucks.
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