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hong kong night light pollution under the spotlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-02-22
HONG KONG (Reuters)-
Hong Kong is known as the Oriental Pearl for its splendor. light, big-
The charm of the city, but the general practice of keeping neon lights and buildings burning all night has received increasing attention from green groups.
One of the most densely built cities in the world
Hong Kong is the most populous metropolis and one of the brightest cities.
From the neon lights on the bustling streets to the huge headheld spotlight --
Scattered advertising booths to the gathering lights-
At night, the waters of Victoria Harbor are shining with spectacular skyscrapers, and the light over the city on sleepless nights makes it difficult to catch a glimpse of the stars in the night sky.
In an era of increasing concerns about green awareness and global warming, environmental activists are increasingly critical of this show-off, calling it unnecessary and wasteful.
\"The trend is getting worse,\" said Hahn Chu, environmental affairs manager for Friends of the Earth. \"Hong Kong always thinks that the brighter things are, the more prosperous we look, but people often forget that we are wasting our energy.
While Hong Kong has no mandatory measures to turn off the lights, a recent poll conducted by the Commission on Sustainable Development on Energy Conservation found that of more than 71% people, 80,000 supported turning off the neon lights in a short period of time.
In 2008, the city\'s environmental protection department received about 50 complaints about light pollution, up from 40 in 2007, and neon lights were an increasing nuisance to the public.
In an online survey, a huge neon sign advertising luxury brand Prada was found to be one of the most serious criminals, and it spilled strong white light nearby.
Until 5 in the morning, the central street was deserted. m. every day.
\"This is an obvious waste and causes light pollution,\" one respondent was quoted as saying . \".
A spokesperson for Prada in Hong Kong said it had taken note of the concern and \"is actively seeking solutions and we will reduce lighting,\" she added, without giving specific details.
In an initiative called \"please dim it\", Friends of the Earth called on retailers and building owners to set up lights --
To save energy and reduce emissions, rest after work.
The group said electricity consumption in Hong Kong increased by 18% in 1997.
2006, more than the local population growth of 5.
9% in the same period.
However, light pollution is by no means unique to Hong Kong.
Photos of NASA\'s global \"artificial night sky brightness\" show that there are obvious \"luminous fog\" in Western Europe and North America, as well as in most parts of Japan and Taiwan \", hong Kong is a bright spot in south China.
Global experts say light pollution has become so obvious that 2 out of 3 people in the United StatesS.
About half of the EU\'s population can no longer see the Milky Way with the naked eye.
Mr Tsang, Hong Kong\'s leader, seems to see the light.
In his annual policy speech last week, he said the government would \"assess the energy waste problem of external lighting and look at the feasibility of addressing it through legislation.
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