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hot wheels usb rechargeable flashlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-10
Make a small USB rechargeable flashlight with a hot wheel size car with led, and add a proper amount of hot glue in a small space.
I have been working on the idea of a light for the past few years, including front wheel cars and led.
I\'m still tinkering with this big project, but in the process I found this small task interesting and cheap.
Take a small USB flashlight and remove it and put it into a hot wheel car, which is an exercise in packing things into a tight space, but with the right car, it willThe black car?
This is a later attempt I made after knowing what I was doing.
It was a real fireboat car. 1999 version)
One of the 1938 Phantom pirates
I have this model in my Etsy store if you are interested: the size of the wheel and similar size die casting vehicles is 1/64.
A 3mm LED becomes a 192mm (7. 6 inches)headlight.
Larger than normal, but not far away.
It is essential to choose the right car.
It needs enough space in the car.
There is enough space to spend $1.
Fifty quarters were piled up.
Also pay attention to how the headlights describe the car --
Are they basically on the grill in front or on moresloped?
Having the front grill perpendicular to the ground makes it easier to put them in and drill out where they go.
Even with a few of these cars under my belt, I destroyed some Mini Cooper models due to the reclining headlights.
Please note that Hot Wheel cars usually have open windows and seats and steering wheels in the car.
In order for the internal organs of the flashlight to fit, you have to remove this extra internal detail.
I tried to make custom colored windows in a few cars and the result was not very good, so now if you look inside it is the exposed flashlight part.
For the first car, I will recommend a brand that is not a heat wheel. Walmart (
And other stores)
These cars come with the adventure wheel brand of Maisto, slightly larger (
Have more space to play)
There are black plastic windows with no internal details. Sweet.
Parts List is basic: 3mm white LEDsUSB mini B female socketa couple\'s CarUSB flashlight pair 2-
56, 1/8 \"long disc head machine screws-
Put the car together when you\'re done.
USB cable that can be plugged into the mini port-
This is very common and you may have some now.
The car I bought at the local Walmart
I bought the rest from Ebay and local hobby stores.
Try to get the brightest 3mm white LEDs you can find, my 20 Kmcd of the 20 Ma model, 20 degree focus. $3.
The number of 50USB flashlights is 5
It has a small pcb with surface mounting assembly, battery, 5mm LED, switch and USB plug socket.
On Ebay, prices are usually around $3 to $4.
Others stuck the USB flash drive behind the hot wheel car, and the big USB socket came out.
I tried to make it compact so I replaced the USB socket with the mini female version.
Buy a pin to stick out instead of SMT type.
Usually the price of about $10 is around $4. Small screws -
Try local hobby shops or ebay or even Amazon
There are many such small parts.
1/64 die-casting car (
One of the most famous brands)
Fixed with rivets at the bottom of the vehicle.
We drill out the rivets and you can remove the bottom from the chassis.
Since you might want to get back into the car after putting everything together, replace the rivets with some small screws. I\'m using 2-
56 machine screws, 1/8 long, with disc head.
Now drill the rivets out.
Two steps.
Drill down with a 5/64 bit, 2-deep enough-
56 machine screws.
I usually try 3/16 deep for customs clearance.
With this size drill, in soft die-cast metal, the machine screws with cut threads are their own.
Then remove the head of the rivet with a 3/16 bit.
Don\'t go too far and try to stop once the head is removed.
At this point, use a small screwdriver to pop the chassis from the bottom plate.
Now you have all the parts of the car.
Put the wheels aside and you don\'t need them until you put the car back together.
The USB flashlight is in a plastic case that is easy to disassemble.
Pry open the lens part with a screwdriver and start cutting the plastic with a pair of small wire cutters or other pliers.
It\'s time to design once you start using the pcb and battery!
There are four external parts connected to the PCB: 1)The Battery2)
USB port 3 with charging power supply)LED4)
3 position switch in addition to the battery, we are removing from the PCB
Just put it in place and don\'t mess it up.
Confession time: I was bad when I was desolate.
It always takes me longer and I burn everything, including my fingers. The good news is that even the hacking work I usually do doesn\'t kill the surface mounting parts on the PCB.
So, take a moment and remove the components.
Mark the Plus/ground connection of the LED and USB ports on the board, I usually put a red sharpie point next to the correct connection.
There are four welded connections on the USB socket.
The two external connections are power connections, and the front connection is the one next to the battery red line.
Once everything is removed, you need to weld in the jumper connected to the switch housing.
The switch housing is used as a ground connection, it is welded on both sides of the circuit board and once it is welded off, you need to connect the jumper from one to the other --
See the final picture in this step.
It took me a while to figure it out.
When the soldering iron is still hot, weld in the extension cord of the three parts you remove.
You only need to add a few, thin (26 to 30awg)is good.
The red and black color of LEDA red indicates the red and black color of the three wires of the USB socket of the switch. -
It is important to have the middle and two external pins.
Because the position of each chassis and headlights is different, each time you need to check where they can be placed. Using a 3mm (or 1/8\")
Drill, see where they can go.
Is there a gap on the side?
Do you want to get to the center?
It doesn\'t matter where they should go for the model, and more importantly where they will go?
If it is not exactly consistent with the position of the headlights on the model, don\'t worry-
Model, the Model light may be rectangular.
To make sure I get a good position, I took an awl and made a dent where I wanted the hole to go.
Then I expanded the drilling.
I drilled a little bit about 1mm with a hand pin vise.
This gives some places to dig later, not hang out.
Then I used a cordless electric drill, and I used 3/32 \"to get in all the time.
Finally 3mm (or 1/8\")drill bit.
At this point, you should prepare several holes for some LEDs because the window part is located below the LED lead and you need to put it back in the case.
With a small piece of hot glue and pressing hard, the work can be done well.
Add led now.
They are connected in parallel, so keep track of which connection is positive and which one is grounded.
Each chassis is different, but it is usually necessary to bend the lead around the rivet column and other components inside the chassis.
Before I put the wire into the case, I put the heat shrink on the wire to prevent short circuit.
Once you have LEDs in your case, use the dab hot glue to keep them in place.
One of the benefits of modern cheaper cars is that they don\'t use die-cast bottom plates, they are all plastic.
It\'s much easier.
Drill some holes together and start the USB socket.
Then take a tool knife and cut around the hole until you have a hole in the shape of the socket.
You may need to scrape the sides a little, but the new blade in a regular knife will make it short.
Find out where you want the switch to be and do the same for it.
You don\'t want to drill out on the entire size witch, just enough to move the part back and forth.
Weld the USB socket and 3 position switches to the extension cord you put there.
I suggest you test the fit and check the wire length before you do it, but it\'s OK just a few inches.
On the USB socket, from the back, the front connection is the one on the far right and the ground is on the far left.
The three connections in the middle are data/standby and can be trimmed.
Pack the PCB and battery together with a little tape to prevent short circuit.
Finally, weld the extension cord of the led.
Make sure you don\'t short them, not even a dap hot glue.
Now, it is wired correctly for the first time, please try the switch and see if it works. Almost done!
Now, be careful to place the USB sockets and 3 position switches in the appropriate position and heat them down.
They should stick out the bottom far enough that you can use them, but not far enough to interfere with the wheels.
The standard height of the switch works well in most cars.
Put the wheel back in place and put the bottom plate back in place. Screw in the 2-
Insert 56 screws into the rivet column for fixing. You are done! Congrats!
Enjoy and amaze your friends with the new Firewheel flashlight.
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