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How many employees in Taiyi Electronic?
From a small-scale company to a company with complete facilities and strong economic strength, ShaoXing Taiyi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has grown a lot and now has several departments made up of professionals, designers, sales elites, and senior technicians. We strictly select and hire employees who are required to have rich experience in this industry and know the performance and characteristics of best small flashlight deeply. In addition, our employees need to have a deep understanding of our corporate culture and management concepts, which is very important for company growth.

After years of practical experience, Taiyi Electronic has got remarkable achievements in developing, designing and manufacturing quality outdoor work lights. Taiyi Electronic produces a number of different product series, including keychain light. Taiyi Electronic outdoor work lights has a very practical design. It is carefully designed according to the size, weight, and form of the product to be packaged. It is perfect for those who like hiking, camping, sailing or hunting. The product has a fine tenacity. It can withstand the influence of exterior force such as incision, peening, bending, and pulling. The product is not prone to build up heat, instead, it keeps cool to the touch.

The goal of our company is to give back to the community and society. We will never compromise on quality and safety. We only dedicate the best to the world. Inquire!
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