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how to defend yourself with a tactical flashlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-10
Military and law enforcement departments have been using tactical flashlights for decades.
Tactical flashlights are also good tools for self-defense.
Many lights are compact and durable, very bright, portable and reliable, can stun temporarily and disable attackers.
The steps below show how to use tactical light for self
But readers are encouraged to defend themselves.
Defense class for a well
Comprehensive self-protection education.
All you need is some common sense and an open mind.
Choose a reliable tactical light.
There are all kinds of tactical light models.
Here are some important things to note when choosing the best light for you.
Durability and brightness, usually measured by lumens, are probably the most critical.
The Surefire brand has made many models with anodized aluminum, a very tough metal that can withstand serious abuse.
The brightest tactical lights usually have a high-intensity bulb powered by a lithium battery.
Another feature that is beneficial in the light used for the self
Defense is the jagged edge around the light.
The second step is always to keep the lights, most tactical lights are small in size, light in weight, easy to put into the bag, or can be maintained while jogging.
Many models can also be carried on flights, although models with jagged edges may not be allowed to carry luggage.
Step 3 saves battery power and light bulbs, while tactical lights are very convenient in daily activities
Bright lights will soon run out of their expensive lithium batteries.
Make sure you have enough energy at critical moments.
Step 4, hold your fist with the light opposite your thumb as you feel threatened.
Most good tactical lights can easily move in this position, starting with the thumb at the end of the lamp.
Step 5, express confidence in your walking and eye contact before the attack occurs.
If you approach and feel threatened, shout with confidence and volume instead of screaming in fear.
Shout out phrases like \"back\" and \"911.
\"Step 6, don\'t be afraid to use your lights. If the attacker is not intimidated at this point, it is close within a few feet, keeping the light in the fist position, and directly when they are shouting or using a loud audio alarm device.
Your tactical light will stun the attacker.
The lamp head using a flashlight stimulates the attacker on the forehead, in the chest, and even in the hand.
This can cause huge pain and let the attacker know that you are not the victim.
This is especially effective for jagged light.
Step 7 once you can escape, find a public place and call the police, exit the situation at the first time.
Try to remain observant at all times and report to the police what you can do.
Step 8 find a self
Defense classes in your area
While prevention is the best way to avoid attacks, tactical flashlights can provide valuable tools for the selfdefense.
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