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how to find the best work light for mechanic

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-04-03
The work lamp is one of the items that the mechanic can never leave.
There are many mechanic work lights on the market at different prices.
If you have some knowledge of each type of lamp, you will be able to find the best working lamp more easily.
The first thing you need to know is whether you need a wired work light or a cordless work light.
The length of the wire is important if you need a wired work light.
The longer the wires are, the better. this is not true.
The extra long wires absorb the oil and water on the floor, wrap it together and then damage it.
Keep in mind that you can use the extension cord.
Therefore, consider where you use the lights and choose the work lights with the right length.
If the work light you are looking for is cordless, battery life is critical.
For mechanics, rechargeable batteries are used for most work lights.
In this case, the longer the battery life, the better.
Next, you need to choose the type of bulb.
There are three kinds of bulbs: Incandescent Lamp, fluorescent lamp and LED lamp.
Incandescent lamp is a traditional light bulb.
When the current passes through the inside of the circular glass, the filament inside the glass glows.
Incandescent lamps are much less efficient than other types of bulbs.
Most incandescent lamps convert only 5% or less of their energy into visible light.
The rest of the energy is converted into heat.
This high temperature can be dangerous for some types of car repair work.
Fluorescent bulbs are much more efficient than incandescent lamps.
In other words, it produces much less heat.
Working lamps using fluorescent bulbs are more expensive than working lamps using incandescent lamps.
This is because the fluorescent bulb needs a ballast to adjust the current through the bulb.
But considering the higher efficiency and longer bulb life, the cost of replacing the bulb and electricity bill will be lower than the total cost of incandescent lamps.
Neither bulb was hit.
You will need to choose a work light with a solid or buffered design for the mechanic.
LED is the most efficient and longest life of all LEDs.
However, working lights using LED are relatively expensive.
This is because the LED work light needs to adjust the current more tightly than the fluorescent work light.
Basically, the more LED pieces of the work light, the brighter it will be.
But there is a new type of LED.
A looks like A fluorescent bulb, very bright.
Since most LED work lights are cordless and powered by batteries, comparing the operating and charging times between products will help you choose the best work lights.
These are very simple but very important factors when you find the mechanics best work lights.
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