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how to install off road led work light bar?

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-04-04
* Note: Please consult your local and state laws before installing this product.
IJDMTOY is not responsible for any legal issues arising from the installation of this product on your vehicle * professional installation is strongly recommended.
Modification or damage to the product at the time of installation is not covered by the warranty and will void the return/replacement/warranty of the product. 1. )
Connect the LED working light lever to the 12 v Workbench tester, or directly to the car battery of the vehicle, and check whether the product is working before installing it on the vehicle. 2. )
Use the screws provided (3/4\")
The rubber gasket connects the mounting bracket to both ends of the LED light strip and is tightened with an Allen wrench. 3. )
Find the location where you want to install the LED light strip and use 1.
25 \"screws and bolts that fix the lamp poles on the vehicle.
Note: Please note that the product is designed to be installed only on the plane.
If the product is installed on a curved or uneven surface, we recommend using
For better installation, tap the screws instead. 4. )
After installing the light strip, route the wire from the product to the relay switch.
Tap the terminal wire to the positive red wire and tap the black terminal wire to the negative black wire.
You can buy some tape to fix the connection. 5. )
From the relay harness, you tap the red line to the positive side of the battery and tap the black line to the ground. 6. )
Then draw the switch part of the wiring from the passenger side to the driver side. 7. )
Find the rubber cover on the driver\'s side and open the firewall cover.
Insert the switch of the engine compartment into the interior of the car. 8. )
Tap the red trigger line on the front of the headlights and the black line on the front of the headlights. 9. )
Connect the switch to a good position and doublesided tape. 10. )
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