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how to know if your led flashlight is the brightest in the world

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-08
You\'ll think it\'s easy to buy the brightest LED flashlight in the world, as the purchase decision is based on a single standard: brightness. Think again!
In the confusing numbers and quirky claims put forward by manufacturers, it is difficult to separate facts from fiction.
So, before you start searching to find the brightest flashlight within your budget, here\'s a realistic perspective to see what you need to know.
This would be a simple enough approach, but there are two questions: the first one is that, despite the impressive claims of offering 1000 lumens, few manufacturers actually offer compliance with this commitment
To do this, they have to use at least two LEDs.
This is because the maximum lumen output of their best single LED is only 776 lumen seconds, even if you are going to find the brightest LED flashlight in the world, by using two or three or even higher quality LEDs, it also gives you real 1000 lumens, do you really want it? Your flashlight will eat through the battery faster than you drop a bag of potato chips!
Keep in mind that a real 1000 lumens multiple LED flashlight will heat up so much that it has to be very large to prevent it from heating up to the point where you can\'t even hold it.
This is not a flashlight that you carry with you in your bag, it can be turned on accidentally, and it is not a flashlight that you want to have around your child. Real multi-
LED 1000 brightness is not cheap.
Therefore, the \"cheap\" single LED flashlight manufacturer with 1000 lumens output is empty at best.
Choose the most advanced and powerful LED bulb and have an honest idea of the brightness it provides.
You\'ll notice that most of the top flashlights have LEDs made by CREE. (
US manufacturers and innovators in LED lighting)
This is often used as a selling point.
But just because the product comes with the CREE logo doesn\'t mean you bought the brightest flashlight.
There is no doubt that CREE makes the best led in the market, but shady manufacturers usually bring counterfeit products to the market as \"original CREE led.
The only way to make sure you don\'t get cheated is to buy from a reputable manufacturer.
Cooperate with a company that obtains product testing from independent sources, such as the Laboratory of the underwriter (UL).
For example, Brightex Technologies is one of the few manufacturers that tested U2 LED flashlights through UL, proving that its claims for 600 and 700 lumens are true.
Brightex has even made additional efforts and tested it, allowing the underwriters lab to test five popular flashlights, claiming to have about 1000 lumens with 6 LEDs.
The results show that their average lumens are only about 325 lumens! (
You can find the complete test results on the Brightex website).
Another thing to consider is the wide variety of products produced by Corey.
Among them, the most popular is the LED for flashlight.
Most flashlight manufacturers claim that 1000 lumens are available;
However, as we explained earlier, a separate 6-6 LED cannot provide this level.
The XML 6 6 flashlight usually offers a modest rating of about 200300 lumens.
However, as long as the flashlight is designed to do so, it is possible to get up to 700 lumens from XML L2 U2.
Most manufacturers, even those using this LED, can only get up to 500 lumens for other component factors involved.
The LED model you should look for is XML L2 U2 (
Make sure you have a separate lab to verify that this is the real output of the flashlight).
By the way, these LEDs can last 50,000 hours, which will only increase their appeal.
Of course, when looking, you will also consider factors such as beam distance and Peak Beam strength.
However, these should be weighed in consideration of how you intend to use a flashlight.
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