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Is installation service provided for camping lamp ?
In addition to supplying camping lamp and solutions to customers, ShaoXing Taiyi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has expanded our offering to including installations services and other after sales support. For quick response and problem resolution, we offer a broad range of after-sales services of reliable quality to address your individual enquiry and needs. Our technicians are all experienced and will put all of their skills and know-how at your disposal.

Based in China, Taiyi Electronic specializes in the design, production, and sales of pocket flashlight. We are renowned in the global market. Taiyi Electronic produces a number of different product series, including led flashlight. This product is characterized by its reliable chemical properties. It has a stable chemical composition which can be expressed by a chemical formula. The product is easy to install and disassemble. People who wear it will feel cool and breathable. It can absorb the wearer's sweat and body odor, providing cool wearing experience. It is designed in an enclosed structure, preventing any dust or insects from entering into it.

Our research and development section is open to clients. We are willing to share new technology and work with clients together to upgrade their products and developing new ones together. Inquire!
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