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laser flashlight hack!!

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-12
You will need the following items: 1. 16X DVD Burner.
I used a spare LG burner. or. . .
You can buy red laser diodes here. A Mini-
You can get a Mag flashlight here.
AixiZ laser module.
You can buy one here.
X-type small jeweler screwdriver
Acto knives, metal scissors, drills, round gear and other small tools.
After removing all the screws from the DVD burner, remove the lid and DVD drawer.
This will expose the laser slide frame assembly.
While all DVD recorders are a bit different, they all depend on two tracks that the laser components move.
Remove all screws and make every effort to loosen the guide rail so that the laser assembly slides down.
Disconnect or cut the cable and flat connector.
Once you turn off the components of the burner, it\'s time to start removing it by removing all the screws you see.
There will be a lot of small screws, so be patient.
Cut off any flat cable.
There may be two diodes, one for the CD part of the burner (IR diode)
And the actual DVD burning diode (red).
This is what you want.
There will be a 3-
The pin circuit board on the red diode, you want to remove it carefully with a soldering iron that exposes 3 pins.
You can test the diode with 2-
AA battery, reference polarity diagram (on the video).
You have to remove the diode from the housing, in this case --by-
According to the situation of the burner.
Laser diodes are fragile, so be careful in the final extraction process.
Here\'s what your extraction diode looks like!
You can get the burning laser diode from the AixiZ housing and unscrew the housing, leaving the top and bottom of the housing.
The inside of the shell at the top is the original (5mw)
Laser diodes that must be removed.
I used the bottom of an X.
Acto knife and a few sharp taps, the original diode will come out.
This can be broken, but I have successfully removed them before, but used a very small screwdriver to tap around the diode until it is released.
I used a little northern Silver thermal grease and slowly installed the new DVD diode in the AixiZ housing.
With a pair of pliers, I slowly squeezed the edge of the diode into the shell until it was flush. CAREFUL!
After welding the two leads to the positive and negative diode connectors, it is time to install them in the MiniMag.
Mini cartridge after disassembly (
Remove top, mirror, lens and bulb)
You will need to zoom in on the MiniMag reflector using a hole expansion tool, a circular metal file or a drill bit or a combination of all three tools.
Be sure to remove the battery from MiniMag, after checking the polarity, slide the new DVD laser case into the top of the MiniMag where the bulb is located.
Screw the top of the MiniMag and slide the reflector over the laser housing.
You will not use the plastic mini lens.
Update: If you are going to make it more than just a novelty project, it is recommended to use a drive circuit.
Here is a basic drive circuit that can be built for this project and it will adjust the voltage of the diode.
Reinstall 2-
AA battery, turn on your new laser flashlight and slowly screw off the top of MiniMag! Caution! !
The laser diode is dangerous and should not point to any creature.
Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the instructions!
Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about this project. Q.
Can I use a CD player/burner or a DVD player diode? A. No.
Only a 16x or faster DVD burner diode can work. Q.
Do I need Aixiz housing? A. Yes.
It works as a high radiator.
Power diodes and focusing elements are also essential. Q.
What happens to the existing board inside the Aixiz housing? A.
This project does not use it.
You can keep it on a lower mA diode like a standard red laser pointer diode, or discard it directly. Q.
What\'s going on with the \'pin\' you used? A.
The \"needle\" was cut from the old resistor.
You can use any solid wire.
They are welded to the diode and then inserted into the miniature
Originally, mag plastic accessories with minimag lightbulb. Q.
Can I use the normal laser pointer from the dollar store as the housing? A.
Please see the previous question/answer.
Can I use another flashlight? A. Not sure.
This project is based on mini-mag. Q.
My diodes don\'t burn anything.
What did I do wrong? A.
In order for the diode to \"burn\", it needs to focus on a fine point and the object needs to be black or marked as black with Sharpie. Q.
Why can\'t I see the beam as I see it in the video? A.
I made the beam visible with smoke. Q.
Should I use a drive circuit? A.
The foundation of this project is to show that you can use a diode from a DVD recorder and put it in a flashlight to \"burn\" it \".
This is a novel project, not designed for the long term.
Use regularly or regularly.
If you want to do so, it is highly recommended to use the drive circuit.
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Laser Forum.
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