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by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-28
Ponda: as awareness of environmental protection increases, Ganesh Chaturthi, known as \"chovoth\" in Goa, is becoming a festival of environmental creativity --
Friendly Ganesha idol.
Marcela village and Cumbharjua village are known for creating Ganesha idols.
Although the idols were not worshipped, thousands of religious figures flocked to see their presence.
In addition to this, there is a net or paste of paper (papier-mâché)
Idols are becoming more and more popular in Goa.
Followers of saguru Shari aniruda Baap in Khar, Mumbai have found an innovative way to use \"ramnaam Jap pustika\"
Lord Rama\'s prayer book).
This unique approach has been in practice for the past six years.
Religious center of saguru)in Ponda.
Software engineer and devotee Prathamesh Naik has started making this idol in his family\'s plastic molding department in the Bethora industrial zone.
Since the last two years, he has moved his work to his residence in Khadapabandh.
Ponda will provide more time for this process.
Naike emphasizes Idol-
This is not a business adventure.
\"I use these idols as a service of dedication to protect our environment from hazardous materials such as plaster --of-paris (PoP),” Naik said.
Naik told TOI that the idols were made from a mixture of paper mesh, chalk powder or calcium carbonate, shankhjeera powder and adhesive glue.
They are then coated with edible palm oil and dissolved in the water within four hours of soaking without a dangerous impact on the environment.
Hindu tradition requires idols to be made of clay.
Naik says calcium carbonate is a clay form that meets these prerequisites.
\"Also, if the Idol accidentally falls down, they will only dent but not crack,\" he said . \".
\"As people become more aware of the environment, people have now begun to worship paper Net idols and follow the trend, Siddhivinayak sarvajanik (public)
Ganesh Festival Trust Fund from Gogol
Margao asked us to be a big idol for them.
Idol is in a pre-order ‘no-profit-no-
\"The basis of Loss,\" said Naike.
A craftsman of a bassu devotee said, \"We purchased the used\" ramnaam Jap pustika \"from devotees from the center of\" upaasana \"all over India
Hundreds of books are used to make an idol.
\"Compared with pop idols, idols made of paper nets are very light and attractive.
According to the size of sarvajanik Ganeshas, the price of the idol is between 500 and 1,800, and the price of the large size is about 10,000.
The families of Khandeparkar worship such paper net Ganesha idols in their houses.
Sandeep Khandeparkar said from Khandepar that they have six families and they worship these paper net Ganeshas.
Rajesh Navelkar, president of the Temple of Khandola Shree Ganapati, said that the \"mahajans\" of the Ganapati temple cannot be immersed in Ganesh idols, so they use Ganesh
\"We do not worship Ganesha alone, but all members of the Navelkar family gathered at Vinayaki in the month of \'shravan\', and navelkar concluded:\" One month before Chovoth in the temple of Khandola Ganapati, worship God with all the divine commandments, just like others during ChovothOne-year-
Ganesh, the Gaunekar family of Bandora, has kept Ganesha idols for the Hindu year.
After the festival next year, they are immersed in this year\'s idol.
Tushar Gaunekar, a resident of Talule-
Bandora of Ponda taluka said, \"after immersing yourself in Ganesha idols, the House seems to be empty, and in order to avoid this hollow or vacuum, we have kept Ganesha in the past
Vet Gaunekar said they built two dedicated platforms in the sanctuary of their house to install Ganesha idols.
\"During the Ganesh festival, we changed one --year-
The old Ganesha idol places a new idol on the platform from top platform to bottom platform.
After \"utarpooja (
End of Festival)
\"The new idol is kept in this place and the old idol is soaked on the lower platform,\" Gaunekar said . \".
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