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pool, park and patio: make the most of outdoor space. (service spotlight).

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-22
As more and more Americans find comfort in their leisure time with friends and family, the outdoor facilities of the apartment are experiencing a rebirth of popularity.
In addition, the apartment community is expanding its facilities to expand the living space of residents, including a revitalized community swimming pool, outdoor conversation and entertainment areas in the patio and park environment, and a playground to attract grandparents, parents and children of all ages.
At the same time, suppliers of outdoor furniture and playground equipment are also responding to innovations and changes in products familiar to those exciting communities and residents.
In particular, the community swimming pool, in order to expand the living experience of the residents, has become the focus of the facilities to expand the apartment residence.
\"The pool area is being designed on a large scale,\" said Susan Leigh, account manager at Texacraft . \".
\"You will see beautiful slab decks or patterned concrete.
Some even offer an outdoor kitchen or bar.
During the day or at night, they are a great place to relax and kickback with your friends.
\"In addition, the beautifully designed pool is a huge marketing tool.
Among the many advertising communities running in apartment magazine, the pool is a prominent feature, which is usually the first amenities that potential customers see on the site, as the pool is visible from the relaxation center.
Jack Graves, president of Orlando-based Jack brothers, said, \"there is
Bright-colored umbrellas and beautiful furniture make a good first impression for new residents in the future.
The word is spreading.
The front porch of the clubhouse, parks and terraces throughout the community have also become more prominent.
\"People want other outdoor opportunities to be available as a group,\" said Ron Derk, sales director at Playworld systems . \".
\"They often want to stay away from the crowd and go to a quiet place with less noise.
\"Especially older residents, sometimes look for a place to rest.
As our population ages, grandparents are also looking for new places to be with their families.
\"We are installing many playgrounds in the community that are only suitable for the elderly for the grandchildren of the participants,\" Derk noted . \".
\"Every apartment community is making the most of the outdoor space.
The supplier offers more products to choose from.
Most suppliers recommend that the household\'s files be carefully checked and the use of outdoor furniture will continue.
Communities that are heavily used and can often be damaged have different needs than higher communities that are less frequently used and lighter.
In either case, there are products suitable for this situation.
The furniture frame, because of its durability and ease of care, aluminum furniture with a single vinyl strap remains the most popular furniture option for the apartment community.
Aluminum does not rust and the straps can be re-placed or refurbished if damaged, so the entire furniture does not have to be replaced.
The choice of cast or solid rod aluminum pieces with or without Mats provides a high-end choice, offering a look in the shape of the building, much like wrought iron, but increasing diversity.
For communities close to the ocean, resin or plastic furniture may make sense, but there are fewer options available for resin in terms of repair, as damage will need to be replaced.
Although some people love their property, the fact is that it is not their furniture and they will not deal with it as they do in their own backyard.
The resin is getting heavier and stronger, but the price is getting higher and higher.
Everyone loves Wood and the teak frame is one of the most popular options.
However, these parts may be best suited for high prices
The terminal community, for those who use very little, or in smaller, more leisure areas that require less parts.
Special handling and cushions are required for wooden furniture, which will cost extra.
Wrought iron and stainless steel are another unique option, but they are one of the most expensive products in the industry.
Wroughtiron, in particular, is best suited for limited use, away from the coast and, in most cases, under the deck of rain and elements. Straps Vs.
The fabric industry standard is the original vinyl strap of 100%, as described above, it is very durable and able to resist the damage of sunlight and sunlight.
The straps are easily replaced by internal staff.
The cross-woven vinyl strap is starting to become more and more popular as it is more durable and comfortable (
Twice the number of straps supporting the body)
In addition to single strap design and update, heavy
There is duty vinyl on high end products, but before investing in upgrades, analyze the usage needs of your specific community again.
Also, please note that some vinyl colors fade faster than others.
Vinyl fabric is a heavy grade commercial fabric that is first covered with vinyl and then woven into a whole.
The fabric is very attractive in outdoor furniture, but consider whether it is durable or not.
First of all, if the fabric is damaged by acigarette or cut with a sharp object, although the damage may be limited, the entire fabric may need to be replaced.
Fabric is also easier to stretch than vinyl straps, especially when the residence sits repeatedly at the end of the part next to the frame.
Secondly, although the fabric has more colors to choose from, the color of the seasonal fabric is mainly determined for the retail market and changes faster than the commercial color year after year.
It may be difficult to match if some colors are added later.
However, despite this, the fabric is becoming more and more popular due to all the design features it offers.
New product sling furniture is a fabric that replaces traditional vinyl straps and is the most popular new product in the outdoor furniture industry.
\"Fabric is a growing trend,\" Leigh said . \".
\"It\'s a nice, soft look and it offers an opportunity to show a lot of color and texture by the side of the pool.
The sling offers a more modern style, and compared to two or three colors in the vinyl strap, a piece of fabric may offer any given color of 30 different colors to choose from.
\"One of the most attractive features of sling furniture is its comfort.
Paul Varshney, president of Suncoast aluminum furniture at Toutshis, uses a built-in Sling version
Waist support.
\"Once you sit down, you never want to stand up from your hair,\" he said . \".
Listen to this for comfort.
Tim Koepke, general manager of leisure furniture in Arizona, said, \"our best-selling product right now is the double wide recliner with built-in cushions and umbrellas.
\"It sounds like you\'re invited to stop by the pool for a few hours.
For the personal comfort of each user, the sides of the chair are individually adjusted.
Jack grafley is another advocate of this comfortable trend.
His company offers Adirondack chairs, benches and rock singers made of plastic that looks like wood.
\"This is a huge product for a rocking chair in the garden seating area or in front of a community clubhouse or on a beautiful deck.
\"The appeal of the wood look is a little warm, casual and attractive to the residents,\" he said . \".
Texacraft launched the market umbrella to thestandard. Round-
The umbrella at the top is made of solid aluminum, like wood.
\"They are a good upgrade to match the furniture of the\" country club \"look,\" suggested company sales representative Susan Roberts . \".
The deck of a supplier is also covered.
Meet the need for safer, unsafe
Slide pool surface in Texas
Headquartered in RubarocInternational, is marketing a large number of high
High-tech polymer resin and rubber surfaces that can be applied to new decks or refurbished existing surfaces.
\"We found this product in France and brought it over,\" said Barry Meakings, president of the company concerned . \".
\"We made the deck for most of the apartment people and they were very happy with the results.
\"No matter what kind of outdoor furniture is most effective for the apartment community, make the best decision and industry experts provide some keen advice to help make the decision.
\"You want the minimum maintenance that a community can have,\" says Susan Roberts . \".
\"There is no time for maintenance personnel now, because everyone has not enough manpower to clean up the mats and spray furniture.
The most durable and convenient furniture is the strap.
\"One of the main things [
Owners and Managers]
\"Welding is something that needs attention,\" Koepke warned . \".
\"Make sure it is done correctly and check the warranty.
Derk urged buyers to consider buying a playground as an investment.
\"One of the biggest mistakes the apartment makes on the playground is that they tend to buy cheap locally made wood materials and it will crash anywhere in one to three years.
I suggest doing a long-term benefit analysis.
Regular investment in more important products.
\"Vashni has always been a firm advocate of comfort in furniture selection.
\"I think comfort should be a top priority.
Comfort is their consideration when residents sit or lie down, so it should be yours too.
\"Buy it early,\" suggested Li.
She recommends using the expertise of the industry sales representative to guide you in choosing colors and fabrics.
\"But don\'t wait until the last minute,\" she continued.
\"Plan at the beginning of the year so that you can get the furniture you want, deliver it when you want it, and when you have to take the time to make a decision, there will be no time to be nervous.
This is what grefley offers. to-
Wisdom of the Earth.
\"Remember, a colorful, fun-looking pool is more attractive than a dirty, broken, and furnished pool.
When people first opened up a community, they spent so much money, but then it seemed to forget how important it was to continue to make a deep first impression.
\"Design trends enrich everything with earth tones ---
Light brown, pigeon, light faun, beige--
Classic colors like bronze, silver and nickel look heavier.
The texture of the paint and fabric is very good.
Paint coated with powder makes aluminum look like wood or wrought iron.
The fabric of the pattern adds more diversity and modernity.
Mix and Match add a small amount of high-
Final pieces like cast aluminum, wood or stainless steel provide a more sophisticated look without spending money.
This is a fiberglass product that looks like granite or slate but is not that heavy and looks expensive. Watch out!
Designers like it very much.
Why do building accessories invest all the money instead of finishing things like ash cans, trash cans, cocktail parties, sette benches or accessible picnic tables?
Robert Hammond is a sales trainer, coach and consultant in the home industry.
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