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preserve your night vision with led flashlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-06
The word night vision drives a person to wear goggles in order to see things in the dark.
However, these devices were made after being inspired by the natural night vision of the human eye.
You might want to know, how can you see it in the dark while staying there for a while?
Another question is why one cannot see it immediately after entering a dark room.
Our bodies are adaptive, but it takes time to change.
The natural process is slow and takes a certain amount of time because the body is not made to accommodate sudden changes.
When a person turns on a white LED flashlight in the dark and just turns it off for disappointment, the problem arises.
When this happens, the natural night vision of your eyes must be reset, which takes time.
The estimated time for your eyes to adapt to darkness is about half an hour.
Made a white LED flashlight to see in the dark, so why would one turn it off?
The reason is simple, white LED is not the best when looking at things in detail in the natural environment.
Not only will you find it difficult to separate things with this light, but you will also waste your natural night vision.
The regulation of light in the eyes is handled by a chemical called rhodopsin.
This is a highly photosensitive natural biological pigment found in the human eye, which changes the shape with the absorbed light.
The absorption of light allows the detection of the amount of light.
When a person tries to view things with a white LED flashlight, the amount of light changes;
It changes again when you close it.
This makes it difficult to detect the right amount of light in the red color;
So you lost your night vision.
If you want to keep your night vision function then you need to buy some type of LED flashlight.
Keep in mind that there are flashlights of different colors, including white.
If one does not want to look at things in detail, then it is better to use a red light LED flashlight.
This color is dim and the stick in your eyes does not detect this change, so your night vision will not be disturbed.
However, if you would like to view it in detail, then choose the yellow green light.
Look at things with one eye so that the night vision effect of the other will remain the same.
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