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product pitch spotlight: matter.io makes 3d printing accessible to the everyday joe

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-24
Did you hear?
The maker movement attracted the attention of the White House.
This week, the White House announced plans to host the first Olympic Games.
Inspired by millions of citizens, former White House Maker Faire-
Driving manufacturers in America\'s next innovation era.
This is true: making something is no longer reserved for major league companies.
There was a whole movement of people who came up with brilliant ideas and made things on their own.
At this year\'s product pitch, Grommet is pleased to recognize the inspiration and sweat of the manufacturer community in making products.
The garage and basement of our neighbors or friends are undergoing product innovation.
Many of these creative solutions to hackers or everyday problems come from one-man or woman-
Running the garage business, we are helping to bring the best products to market.
One of the speakers for the product pitch will be Dylan Reid, CEO of Cambridge\'s substance lab.
Based on startups, a new design, sharing and 3D printing is being built
Size model.
Their software is web.
The browser-based design is correct-
No need to learn complex CAD software (
Professional Engineer for designing large-scale manufacturing products).
Just this week, on the occasion of Valentine\'s Day, Grommet teamed up with Dyo to launch a series of Starscape pendants (Design yourself)
This is very important. io\'s off-
The jewelry line.
Using the technology of the substance lab, we create a unique, customizable star-View pendant with constellations that correspond to the birthdays of you and your significant others.
The popularity of emerging technologies like 3D printing is changing the landscape of bringing new products to market.
Not only does this take less time, but it doesn\'t take the entire team and the factory to get it done.
Designers can now design products for individuals-but at scale.
The question, Reid said, is, how can I produce the most versatile product for the most people?
Designers are forced to bring people together to make generic products for these groups.
Designers can now consider individual differences.
More importantly, consumers can play a role in the design of the products they buy.
We can actually build a product based on our own needs and stories, instead of instilling those stories into the average product.
Don\'t believe me?
Rotate around the substance Lab website and create your own pug lamp base or moustache fridge magnet.
They can find you in a week.
There is no need to go to Target to buy a product that is owned by hundreds or thousands of others.
Technology like 3D printing has made manufacturers around the world full of power, and we are excited to see what kind of product innovation will emerge this year. Starting Feb.
On the 17 th, jump in and vote for your favorite products!
The top six voters will travel to Fenway for the final product release Award.
For more product promotion information, click here.
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