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by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-15
Fortunately, finding the perfect system for your property is simple.
Think security guards are enough to protect your residents from crimes on your property?
See you in court.
First of all, it is a great risk of responsibility to use the word \"security\" or to imply that there are security guards present to protect residents ---
The owner was successfully sued for this.
Secondly, criminals and residents know that it is not enough to protect the rental housing community from theft, car theft or worse.
The apartment community is hard to prevent crime.
Because there are too many people living in a building, and because the residents are often temporary, many apartment residents do not know their neighbors, and it is almost impossible for the staff to recognize every face of the hotel.
In addition to the gate, it is easy for strangers to sneak into their valuables property and empty apartments, hotlines cars in the parking lot, or worse.
That\'s why there\'s extra deterrence. -
Do you dare to call them a security alert? -Very important.
Crime rates are rising across the United StatesS.
Residents are demanding increasingly complex systems to protect themselves and their property, and criminals will soon find out which property has and does not.
Fortunately, finding the perfect system for your property is simple.
Market demand has grown over the past few years and among those who can or used to have single apartments, Apartment Life has become a trendfamily homes.
They like the convenience of renting a house and the upscale services that once belonged only to resorts or upscale hotels.
As these amenities become mainstream, particularly on property, residents continue to look for more.
Including monitoring alarm system.
\"People with singles are renting properties
Family home, \"said Steve Williams, president of cyber multi-family.
\"They want things that are common to families.
\"This includes an alarm system that is monitored separately,\" he said.
Charlie warren of edge home security, agrees.
\"We saw in the single-
\"The family market,\" he said.
\"The apartment is attracting more residents who want the same amenities as the homeowner.
\"Most properties are now installing separate apartment alerts that will not only make noise at the time of the invasion, but will also be monitored
Warren said.
During the break-
In the case of detection, the monitoring station sometimes calls the local police before the residents realize that there is a problem.
\"The alarm that only gives an alarm is a bit like a car alarm,\" he said . \".
\"When the car alarm in the parking lot sounded, most people ignored it.
Our idea is to get a quick response.
\"The monitoring alarm system is a comfort that is usually associated with the upper layer
Williams said: \"end the home.
\"This is a very powerful deterrent to thieves, which can be recorded and backed up.
From the perspective of the residents, it provides peace of mind.
They don\'t want to be broken in.
\"In the multi-home market, new technology monitoring alarm systems have been around for a few years, but Warren says their installation and use have become simpler and simpler, make them more convenient for owners who want to transform and residents who no longer need to remember complex access codes and directions.
\"Multi-family attributes transition to simplified custom attributes
\"There is a lock,\" he said . \"
\"We are getting rid of some of the more complex systems.
This is the continuation of the hotel industry.
\"Residents can get an access key that allows them to access a specific lock, rather than having access code or multiple keys.
In some cases, the key is a small chip that can be placed on the key ring, he said.
\"It provides fairly complex access control without having to go through the main panel,\" he explained . \".
His company also began to install an alarm system, which works on the same line as Internet access and cables, providing the owner with a comprehensivein-
One wiring option.
On the road ahead, he said, it may allow them to make daily streaming videos that residents can watch at home before going out.
In addition, many alarm systems today offer X
10 options that allow residents to call over the phone to turn on and off alarms, apartment lights and other appliances.
\"Again,\" Warren said, \"It started with being single.
A family of many families.
\"Another new technology to enter the market is the ability to connect an alarm in a car to an alarm in an apartment.
Williams said: \"In general, the residents in the apartment may have $5,000 to $10,000 in furniture, but they are driving a $40,000 car.
They were worried about the car in the parking lot.
We have developed a product that allows them to monitor that car like another room in the apartment.
\"If the car is crashed, the lights will light up in the apartment, and the monitoring center will receive an alarm to let them know what the car was crashed and where the car was.
Finally, Williams said a new innovation currently being tested allows residents to monitor themselves through small devices that combine GPS technology.
By pressing the button on the device, residents can send a signal to the monitoring station to let them know that they are in trouble and precise the location to a few yards.
Then, the station called the police and told them who they were looking for and where they were looking.
Avoid liability many owners avoid alarm systems and other security options because of concerns that legal liability will arise in the event of an accident to the property.
If they do not provide security, their reason is that they cannot be prosecuted if security fails.
On the other hand, \"Is it the owner who promises the safety of the residents and provides all imaginable security functions, hoping to avoid the same litigation?
So who is right in their strategy? Neither.
\"It is important for the owners to be proactive,\" Warren said . \".
\"If they sit down and something happens on their property and they do nothing, it can be a real challenge for the property.
\"Warren advises owners to first check with the local Apartment Association to see if they have established a positive countercrime programs.
After that, he said, owners should educate themselves and their employees in providing safety and avoiding litigation.
\"They need to make sure that what they are doing meets or exceeds industry standards,\" he said . \".
Fear of litigation should not prevent the owner from installing preventive devices, he added.
\"I could not find any incident in which the property filed a lawsuit for the addition of amenities such as an alarm,\" he said . \".
\"But at the same time, be careful not to overdo --promise.
No equipment that promises absolute and complete safety.
Williams agreed.
\"Never guarantee the safety of others.
If you have an alarm system at home, that doesn\'t mean you don\'t lock the door.
The alarm system will never jump off the wall to deal with the bad guys.
\"He advised the owner to include alarm monitoring in the rent rather than asking the residents to choose a plan themselves.
\"We found that people are having problems when an alarm panel is installed in each unit.
They claim to be confused about whether their unit is being monitored.
\"One of the best things owners can do, he says, is to be blunt and avoid making security devices look more advanced than they are now.
Entering the gate, he said, should be called a security door, not a security door.
The alarm system should be called a monitoring device, not a security alarm.
As Warren says, \"managers need to be realistic.
They can promote the amenities they provide, but they are responsible for it.
\"Choosing a supplier when looking for someone to install safety equipment on multiple properties, the first question to ask is whether the company has apartment experience.
Next, experts recommend a series of questions to ensure that an alarm company provides appropriate services for the rental market: * who monitors the system?
Warren suggested a visit to the monitoring center, \"to make sure it\'s not someone with a PC somewhere.
\"* How long has the company been open?
* What is their multi-family experience? -
What properties have they provided?
* Who will serve the system if there is a problem?
* Is there a monitoring rejection table?
What does it include?
* Will multi-family clients stay with them after the contract is signed?
It is important for your community to have crime control facilities, but make sure residents know that they cannot provide 100% of the security.
This article is not intended as a suggestion on security.
Owners and managers should, after consultation with knowledgeable people in this area, make security decisions that reflect the unique features of their property.
Kim Fernandez is a freelance writer who works in trade and consumer publications and lives in Bethesda, Maryland.
She was the editor-in-chief of unit and has been writing articles about the multi-family housing industry since 1994.
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