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the perfect guide on led spotlights with motion detectors

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-13
In our blog, outdoor lighting is sometimes under-lit.We will change that today.Below you will find the best advice for LED floodlights with motion detectors.You will learn everything you want to know about sensor types, positioning, connections, etc.The advantages of motion detectors that combine outdoor lighting with motion detectors are obviously a good idea for the following reasons: lamps with or without integrated sensors we can divide outdoor LED projectors into two groups.On the one hand, there are lamps and lanterns with integrated motion detectors.On other independent models, you must install the motion detector separately.If you are interested in learning about the best outdoor projectors, I suggest you visit bestvela. They wrote great guides about these lights. The lights are equipped with internal sensors.Therefore, it is useless to buy motion detectors.The disadvantage of this outdoor lighting is the limited choice.You can add an external sensor to each fixture, while only a few models have integrated motion sensors.There are two important advantages to this solution.On the one hand, it is easier to install.On the other hand, these pieces are a bit fashionable due to the perfect matching of lamps and sensors.Needless to say, you can always combine LED flood lights (or other wall lights) with selfContains motion detectors.Regardless of the light source, this can be done with all types of fixtures.So you have more choices in style and style.In addition, multiple lights can be connected to one sensor.One, two, three lights, everything is possible.However, ensure that the total power consumption of all lamps and lanterns does not exceed 1,000 watts.The disadvantage of the external sensor is that it requires additional operation on the connection.Finally, it may be a little more expensive to get an LED projector with a separate sensor than a fixture with an internal motion detector.The LED projector and sensor mount Positioning LED floodlights and motion detectors are more important than you think.Misplaced sensors can cause a lot of frustration, for example, if the light is lit at the wrong time or not at all.Because of this, it is a good idea to perform some tests in advance.Draw a 220 ° angle on a piece of paper (which is the average opening angle of the sensor) and use it to estimate the detection radius.Consider the detection distance of about 8 m.Is too little?In this case, buy a more powerful sensor.Which sensor do you need?Positioning needs to be considered when purchasing motion sensors.For example, there are models that are detected at 360 °, and there are sensors that are only in the range of 120 °.Therefore, the opening ceremony played a certain role.PS: some motion sensors are equipped with covers to adjust the detection range.Check the detection distance at the same time.The range of standard sensors is up to 8 m, but there are also variations that can be seen up to 16 m.This is a factor that needs to be considered in terms of positioning.Wiring and connections let\'s start with: planning wiring.The new construction is obviously advantageous.Since you can easily flood the cable, you can choose where to place the LED projector and sensor.Some planning is sometimes needed here.For example, if you want to install a light on a plane,The roof extends, placing the cable on the sloping fork roof.It will be completely invisible.You don\'t usually have this luxury in an existing family.You may need to connect an external cable to the facade.Wiring is simple.For LED floodlights with internal or external sensors, you need a3-core cable(1.5 mm²).In the case of constructionIn the LED motion detector, three wires (phase, neutral, and ground) are connected in a conventional manner ).With a separate motion sensor, you must first connect the wires to the sensor and then extend them from the sensor to the lamp.You can also choose to provide the switch inside.Tip: Don\'t forget to turn off the power when you connect the lights and sensors!Are projectors and sensors installed that are light and duration sensitive?In this case, you still need to adjust the sensitivity of the light and the lighting time.This is usually done by a small wheel on the sensor, even if there is a remote control of the model.The sensitivity to the light determines when the light turns (based on the amount of light ).The ignition duration determines the time when the light will remain on.3 seconds 10 seconds 20 seconds..It depends on you.It\'s better to test the settings for a few nights and then program them.All LED projectors can be oriented vertically.Many people make mistakes here.They turned off the LED projector.This can lead to blindness.If you have placed a motion detector LED floodlight above the garage door, please aim at the garage door.You will have a light you can go.More pleasant and safer.Alternative: Timer timer is an interesting alternative to motion sensors.LED lighting in particular consumes very little energy.You can set the timer so that when you get home from work in the morning, the light will light up.It is very convenient in the dark winter.
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