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ttna 2008: innovations in technical textiles will be in the spotlight at next month\'s event in atlanta.

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Techtextil 5 th edition of North America will hold April1-
2008 at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
Mesmessefrankfurt called the event the most comprehensive technology textile and non-woven Exhibition and Seminar in North America, where the world\'s leading industry companies will hold meetings for education, networking and business development.
The product groups at the exhibition will include: research, development, planning and consulting;
Technology, machinery and accessories;
Production process;
Processing technology;
Machines and equipment;
Control process;
Clean regeneration technology;
Waste disposal and recycling technology;
Technical accessories;
Quality control;
Fiber sand yarn;
Knitting, graffiti, braids;
Non-woven fabrics, coated textiles and composites.
The number of participants and exhibitors at the 2006 event set a record.
Following this success, Techtextil North America will return in 2008, focusing on the high performance field of technical textiles and continuing to grow and grow, attracting the informality of researchers, manufacturers and Product Description
According to MesseFrankfurt, this is the only trade show that ends with conversion, further processing and recycling from R & D, raw materials and production processes.
Techtextil held at the same time as the exhibition-
Several lectures will be held at the North American Seminar, covering most application areas, focusing on the latest research and emerging technologies.
Here is a preview of the letters that some exhibitors will highlight at the TTNA show ---
From new product introductions, upgrades and company capabilities to technological advances.
Booth 2005 ACCUSENTRY will feature sentry 9000-
LS integration system for real time
Time monitoring and inspection of continuous web production. Sentry 9000
LS system is a flexible turnkey system optimized for specific customer needs.
The system classifies, analyzes and marks defects found in high-speed mobile networks. The Sentry9000-
LS provides real
Feedback time to the operator to improve the production process.
The system has repeated defect detection technology (RDDT)
Provide an alarm to the operator to minimize the waste caused by undetected duplicate defects. [
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Sentry 9000
LS system software production
After time defect map, defect catalog and defect
Production defect report.
The defect map is a quick representation of a volume of web material that provides a detailed mapping of the location, size and type of all defects.
Defectreport provides a statistical summary of all defects, including size, key features, and location.
The defect catalog provides images of the defect for review.
Lide lide corporation booth 2036 lide Corporation is a global supplier of thermal bonding, drying, curing, heat shaping and cooling solutions for the non-wood industry.
Lide lide offers suction cup dryers for single drum and multi drum configurations, single and multi drum configurationspass conveyor-
Rope ring machine and impact based on system.
Applications for non-woven fabrics include air spraying, spinning, and water Spurs-
Wet shop, foam dip or coating net and conversion technology.
The heat treatment solution of Lide lide supports chemical bonding, spray bonding, thermal bonding, curing and thermal curing.
Common industries include automotive, filtration, geotextile, healthcare, household items, insulation, faux leather, technical textiles and wipes.
Since 1940, Aeroglide has developed a high quality ovensand dryer series to meet the heat treatment needs of today\'s non-woven manufacturers.
With a solid non-processing knowledge base, the highest standards of product consistency and an understanding of customer needs, Aeroglide offers an efficient solution to meet all needs.
An upgrade or extension to an existing device may be the best way for the processor to meet the drying needs.
Lide lide engineer is good at evaluating and recommending dry equipment and components according to customer\'s requirements.
Drylide\'s engineers can apply to the country no matter what brand of clothes dryer customers-of-the-
Art manufacturing and craft techniques that make existing equipment perform better and/or produce greater capabilities.
AGTEKS Ltd. Booth 1745 during Techtextil in North America, Agteks will present its new DirecTwist cone for the first time-to-
Multi-function rotary machine.
DirecTwist emergeedas follows agteks\'s innovative mission as a new twist technology that integrates the functions of different twist methods on one machine.
This function of Direcststand eliminates the multiplication phase required to distort multiple directions
Yarn is made with a traditional winding machine.
With this new system, DirecTwist can theoretically twist an infinite amount of yam, although it can twist eight layers of yarn.
In addition, twisted yarn can also be wound on the online shaft, thus eliminating the need for winding.
Therefore, with DirecTwist, companies can save Labor, energy and time, both in R & D and in production. [
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In addition, DirecTwist can achieve cabling and coverage distortion on the same machine.
This function and precise control of rotation parameters make DirecTwist very flexible.
In this regard, directwist gives companies the opportunity to try different combinations of yarn twists and strength without stopping mass production.
ARMORWORKS booth 2051 ArmorWorks Co. , Ltd. and high-tech fiber Co. , Ltd. , Phoenix-based high-
During TTNA, the techarmor protection provider will demonstrate their ballistic advantage to the Kitarmor system.
Featured M915 A2/A3 tactical vehicles and high-mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV)
Will install the same type of armor protection currently being used in the USS. Armyand U. S.
Marine Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan
This armor exceeds the improvised explosive device.
Improvised Explosive Device
Specification, Robert Coney, vice president of ArmorWorks \'business development. \"The U. S.
The army took the HMMWV to the streets of Al Fallujah, where the actual improvised explosive device attack would only bring minor wear to the troops using this armor.
It has exceeded expectations since then.
\"As an armored designer and producer, ArmorWorks shows how some of the materials in the Techtextil North American exhibition are designed to be state-owned --of-the-
Composite Technology.
M915 A2 and a3-
Scale the weapons under the cab and body and full
Armored fellowexhiitor HMMWVutilize ceramic system contains high-tech fiber limited liability company for the manufacture of aromatic polyamide fibers.
\"By demonstrating this related end-use, we want to raise awareness of high-tech
\"The performance materials on display at techtextil are capable,\" said Stephanie Everett, exhibition manager . \".
\"We are honored to be joined by the ArmorWorks team in April and we are confident that the attendees will be very interested in this exhibition.
Beckman conversion booth 2135 Beckman conversion Co. , Ltd. (
Brain machine interface, polyurethane, original gem)
It is the manufacturer of high-performance laminated products of roller type.
Selection Technology for BCI--
Full web ultrasonic lamination (
Up to 130 inch)
Laminated with recessed, laminating glue--
Create a multi-layer composite.
BCI has more than 30 years of experience in bringing high performance composites to market. [
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Beckman is ISO-
9001: 2000 register and operate on a fee or commission basis.
The company has experience in producing multi-layer materials including: non-woven fabric, film, mesh and other textiles.
The company can provide services for any industry that uses multi-layer/multi-functional websites such as filtration, medical care, wipes, cars, consumers, healthcare, protective clothing and sorters.
Bostik booth 1631 Bostik will showcase its range of innovative adhesive products designed to take into account the end-use of the customer.
Bostik\'s professional technicians bring value to adhesive products.
Bostik is a global supplier of adhesives for non-textile processing products.
The company pioneered the technology in the 1960 s, and its adhesives are now widely used in the manufacture of baby diapers, adult incontinence and female health protection products worldwide.
Bostik is the leader in the development of elastic structure Hot Melt Adhesive Technology, a key capability for its customers in today\'s non-woven disposable products market.
Shoplidated fibers booth 2031 shoplidated Fibers specializes in providing polyester, artificial silk and nylon staple FIBERS for many non-woven and technical applications.
Its various fibers are used for a variety of end use including fire protection, automotive and filtration applications.
Speed and efficiency are the two most important aspects of optical fiber procurement.
To meet this demand, the company has set up strategic warehouses across the United StatesS.
Provides a solution for inventory management control.
Some of the company\'s new products include: FR rayon, FDA-
Approved artificial silk, solution dyed fiber and modacrylic staple fiber.
It also offers a complete two-component fiber series consisting of two, four and six deniers and high temperature and black Low melt.
Recent product development has led to the commercial use of eco-friendly fibers such as bamboo and 100% recycled polyester.
In addition, shoplidated Fibers provide PE/PET fiber and polyester short cuts for wet shop applications.
Dilen industrial fiber booth 1617 is the first company in the world to develop and produce PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulphide)high-
The tough multifilament yarn of the dilen industrial fiber creates a unique product: dioufort.
The uniqueness of diopfort is characterized by three inherent PPS polymer properties--
Chemical, heat and flame retardant resistance--
Combined with high toughness properties in multi-wire yarn.
The line density of difort reaches 280, 1100 and 20% dtex, the fracture toughness is> 50cN/tex, and the fracture elongation is about.
As a material for filtering fabrics, mechanical rubber products enhancements and composites, diopfort has different levels of shrinkage.
In hot gas filtration, the performance of the medium is improved by better dimensional stability of the yarn.
In addition, the life of the final product will be greatly increased, and the yarn performance opens the possibility for the reduction of fabric weight.
In special hose reinforcement, due to high-
Good chemical resistance and heat resistance.
Drifire llc booth 2114 Drifire develops, manufactures and sells patented performance fabrics and garments.
Drifire is committed to continuous innovation designed to provide the best combination of moisture management, fire resistance and comfort inherent to the fabric.
Except for the current Silk --
Weight line for Nextto-
Skin Clothing, Drifire has launched mid-weight, heavy-
Weight and wool
Weight clothing is an integral part of a complete multi-layer performance FR clothing system.
Studies have shown that Drifire wick moisture is four times faster than cotton, and unlike traditional performance clothing containing polyester fibers, if exposed to flash fire or flame, drifire does not melt or drip to make Drifire a great choice for people who work in an environment where they may be exposed to flash flames or fires, including military, fire and industrial personnel. [
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EMS griltech booth 1021 EMS-
GRILTECH Americas is a department of EMSCHEMIE (North America)Inc.
, Will be exhibited co-polyester and co-polyester thermoplastic adhesive, PA-
6 kinds of fiber, as well as co-polyester, easy melt fiber and two-component fiber.
Market applications include automotive interiors, filtration, protective clothing, medical, paper-making clothing, home and office furniture, geotextile and consumer goods.
State of the company-of-the-
Laboratory of art and technology services (
Located in sute, Switzerland, SC and Domat/EMS)
Provide customers with comprehensive application and conversion technology.
These facilities combine experienced service personnel and the full service of EMS.
GRILTECH products offer unparalleled hands
Application and process development capabilities.
Booth 1444 klieverik heli bv textile machinery manufacturer Klieverik Hell BV.
A full set of calendars will be displayed for laminating, carpet melting, transfer printing and powder scattering equipment.
Klieverik has established a high level of technical and technical knowledge through years of experience in engineering and heat treatment system developmenthow.
The ecological security lamination system is revolutionary in the ecological field.
Friendly technology.
The advantages of the system are high productivity, precise positioning of adhesives and reduction of adhesive consumption.
Considering the environmental issues, the carpet of the fusion extension machine can replace the pre-coated carpet and the latex production line that produces recyclable latexfree carpet.
Transfer Printing has made a breakthrough in the cotton art system, combining all the advantages of transfer printing with the advantages of active printing on cellulose fiber fabrics.
The GTC calendar for heat transfer and heat fixation of graphic advertising materials ensures the best fixation and penetration of sublimation dyes, with the brightest colors and the highest quality.
KRETZER scissors, INC.
Booth Kretzer 2032 will showcase its full range of high quality scissors.
Kretzer products are manufactured in Solingen, Germany and are superior to competitors due to superior steel and engineering.
The company uses the best steel that Germany can find.
Kretzer\'s engineers have found many ways to improve the cutting and feel of scissors.
When asked about difficult applications, the company has produced customized solutions and has helped to solve cutting problems in various industries such as fiberglass, bullet channels and bullet-proof clothing, tarpaulins
Kretzer was the first to roll out scissors with plastic handles and has now improved this with its new 745 series. Available in 8-, 10-and 12-
These scissors, in inches, have the thickest stainless steel blades on the market and can easily cut today\'s technical textiles. [
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Laroche sa stand 1944 Laroche SA is the world\'s leading recycling machine for textile and non-woven waste.
The company specializes in the production of large-capacity Exel and giant garbage tearing machines, as well as the fastest
Online disassembly machine with Minitrim Mk.
Laroche\'s full line of tenacity fibers achieves the required cleanliness and length of staple fibers.
High-precision fiber opening, mixing and batching lines with the new Exel fine opener are also provided.
In the aerial laying area, Laroche has a complete aerial laying of the Flexiloft line.
The company also offers Resinfelt compactairlay production lines for the manufacture of curing and semi-curing re-color felt for sound insulation and molded parts for cars and other uses.
Lenzing booth 2021 Lenzing Group offers a full range of cellulose fiber and global manufacturing to meet the needs of the textile and non-woven industries.
In addition to the core business fiber, lunjin group is also active in the plastics, engineering and paper industry.
The team of business and technical experts in the global cellulose and PTFE business will represent TTNA\'s Lenzing Group.
Lenzing fiber combines the advantages of renewable raw material wood with the high purity, softness and absorption required by non-woven customers.
Lenzing viscose and shredded silk are ideal for applications that require hygiene, medical care, home, cosmetics, cars and technology.
Lenzing textile fiber is proud to show the latest breakthrough of Lenzing FR, its inherent flame retardant fiber.
The United States will be on display. S.
Army senior combat uniform made of defender M fabric.
This fabric is based on Lenzing FR and is produced by Sky Silk/South factory.
Yarn and fiber--made of PTFE(
For filtration, industrial, sportswear and medical applications. C. A.
LITZLER/PSC, INC. BOOTH 1731 C. A. Litzler Co. , Inc.
Design and manufacture of textile dipping and coating systems.
Litzler provides a variety of heating technologies to meet the needs of each customer.
Combined dryers using infrared, convection, or RF are customized for the ideal solution.
In addition, Litzler also produces customized fabric handling systems for the bonding and heat treatment of tire cord cloth, belt and canvas.
Litzler also produces metering rollers, trim removal, let-
Off, accumulator, tension frame and hoist for textile industry. PSC, Inc.
Litzler\'s subsidiary is the world leader in innovative radio frequencies (RF)
Heater and dryer.
Its unique fiberglass roving dryer is the world standard.
The psc rf clothes dryer is used for fiberglass coarse yarn, short cut silk pads and ropes, while its RF clothes dryer is also used to heat or dry other industrial fabrics and ropes made of polymer and ceramic materials
The PSC, in partnership with the parent company Litzler, has unique capabilities to provide dryers using convection, infrared and HF heating technologies.
BOOTH laminated fabric BOOTH 1448 MESA laminated fabric production MesaThane, a laminated hot plastic polyurethane (TPU)
There is also a proprietary polymer Mesalon.
MesaThane is a high-end hotel
Premium aromatic polyurethane laminate offering superior wear resistance, strength and flexibility.
MesaThane has a steam barrier that meets the permeability requirements of many applications.
Mesalia is an enhanced special polymer laminate with excellent chemical resistance, strength and flexibility. [
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MesaThane and mesalia applications include storage tank seals, secondary seals, foldable storage tanks, pillow tanks, steam and liquid storage tanks, steam tanks, tank liners, erosion control, and other environmental applications.
Laminated fabric table (MLF)
A Department of Mesa industries.
, Maintains a prominent position through the production of flexible, enhanced and non-enhanced Polymer Technologies
Including polyurethane (TPU)
, PVC (PVC)and high-
Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
MLF products provide superior performance with a unique steam barrier.
In addition to maintaining the standard product line, MLF continuously addresses industry challenges by providing customized laminated fabrics for different applications.
Miller WELDMASTER booth 1732 Miller Weldmaster is a supplier of industrial fabric welding solutions and now offers a new welding technology for its interiorline systems.
By incorporating the ultrasonic sealing process into its automatic assembly system, the company is able to easily perform radius welding on the end of the filter bag. [
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At the exhibition, the company will display its non-woven hot-
Sealing equipment line is an automatic pipe system with cutting functionto-
Vertical capacity.
Through Will Super
Miller Weldmaster\'s automatic tube system uses a sonic sealing process to easily weld the ends of the filter bag with a radius.
Miller Weldmaster also has a filter ring placement machine that can customize its system to integrate all of these features.
Miller Weldmaster automatic tube system is able to pull down the fabric from the roller, pre-
Fold it into the desired pipe diameter and weld it into a pipe.
After the system has welded the filter, import it directly into the precise cuttingto-length system.
A radius welding option can be added from here to produce a complete filter bag in one process.
With the participation of a limited tono operator, the line speed of the TheMiller system is up to 60 feet per minute.
Mondi coating & release booth 1750 Mondeo coating & release is an innovative supplier ofplastic-and paper-
Technologies such as Extrusion coating, lamination, silicification and printing are available.
Products cover high performance customization, among other materials
Manufacturing extrusion coatings and laminating materials for high-tech applications such as automotive, construction and imaging industries as well as protective clothing and hygiene.
Recently developed glassfree Pro-
Therm B film meets the requirements of more environmental protection and environmental protection for automotive interior parts. Pro-
Therm films are commonly used as reinforcement surfaces in laminated structures.
The film consists of fibers embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which can be bonded or laminated.
Mondi\'s processing technology integrates non-woven fabrics and warm Active coatings into one product. Thismakes Pro-
Therm provides a single-source multi-layer solution for composite structures. [
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Mondi coating and release also developed a property with clear strength properties and resistance
As the support of artificial grass for baseball, football or other artificial grass.
Mondi\'s membrane will allow artificial grass to expand and roll back quickly.
The NORAFIN booth 1927 Norafin will present a range of water Spurs, acupuncture methods and composite product concepts at the upcoming Techtextil show in Atlanta.
The company will showcase the new water Thorn arabine products used in the composite industry.
Due to the exotic properties of the material, the smooth surface and the immersion advantages of the product, the material meets the growing product requirements on the market. [
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In addition, Norafin will present a variety of new products that will be customized to engineering Water thorn materials with the stateof-the-
Artchemical treatments are designed to replace traditional textiles in the protective clothing market, such as turnout equipment for firefighters, military uniforms, industrial FR overalls, and arc-
Flash protective clothing.
By carefully selecting the fiber type, the structure of the treated chemical and water Thorn materials, the properties such as flame retardant, air permeability and washing resistance can be optimized.
In terms of filtration, the company will present its new type of water Thorn sifluoride filtration medium for hot gas filtration to remove waste gas from industrial waste incinerators.
In addition, Norafin will feature its self
Folding filter media with integrated metal scrim can be folded without additional processing.
The display used by Guoke non-woven baking paint room 1544 Guoan will highlight Tibo Kaiyue, Asselincrosslappers, Prodyn drainers, needlelooms, Monomatic EasyWinders, VantageWinders and their lateral opener-rewinders.
The new features will further improve consistent web quality, high production and productivity, ease of maintenance and minimal downtime, security and user friendliness. [
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New equipment will also be introduced: combat cruise, cyber cruise and expert-Scada system.
NSC nonwoven will also provide a range of Axcess equipment with cards and cross lines for medium-performance lines at an attractive cost, without compromising the quality of the design. P-
D interglas Technology Co. , Ltd.
Booth 2130 as an international manufacturer of glass, Fangcao and carbon fiber fabrics for many technical applications, P-
D Interglas Technology Co. , Ltd.
Is a supplier of demanding fabrics and coated fabrics in the aerospace, automotive, composite and construction markets. DuringTTNA, P-
D. Interglas Technologies will showcase a number of new developments and improved products that help the company maintain a leading position in the field of technology and industrial fabrics.
One of the featured items will be Atex, a new product that is eco-friendly, sustainable and silicone
Coated building fabric.
On top of the competition, this material has recently been chosen to solve 10,000-
More seats
Purposearena is located in Strasburg, France.
The end result was a successful building with 15,000 Orange 5000 Orange.
Except for Atex, P-
D. Interglas Technologies will design and process the highlighted oven fabric specifically for coating materials manufactured for composite materials as well as for thermal insulation applications.
High performance fiber booth 1209 high performance fiber, the world\'s leading supplier of high performance fiber
Tenacity polyester, engineered fabrics, sewing line fibers and advanced materials will present their products worldwide to provide innovation and differentiate with enhanced strength, adhesion and processing performance. [
Slightly] Illustrations
With the signed agreement to purchase North American Tire Cord and polyester industrial wire assets from Invista, performance fiber continues to plan to expand the fiber of its industrial polyester sewing line fibers and Nylon 6 fibers and fabrics and
The highlighted industrial part will design reinforcement materials for hose, belt and conveyor applications;
Technical fabric; geotextiles;
Car Safety;
Sewing line and sea anchor.
In featured products, 1H75 fiber is a DSP fiber that provides higher strength and dimensional stability for rubber-enhanced materials and industrial applications.
In addition, PenTec fiber is also a major feature, it is a special fiber with a unique balance of high modulus and strength.
This high toughness fiber has excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance, as well as low elongation and shrinkage properties.
Applications at Pentecfiber include high-performance tyres, ropes, engineered reinforcement materials, and canvas.
In addition, the 1W81 and 1W83 fibers covered with SeaGardmarine finish have excellent wet wear resistance and excellent long-
Long term durability in demanding marine applications.
The plastic body Technology booth 1130 plastic body technology will show the solar line, when the line is made with high quality PTFE fiber sewing line, TTNA.
Designed for the industrial outdoor fabric market, the Solar line provides the durability, strength and weather resistance required to create the highest quality fabric products.
The product is made of PTFE fiber and has lower wear resistance than other materials, chemical inertia, low flammable and can withstand the following temperatures250[degrees]Cto 260[degrees]C.
The Solar line is waterproof and UV-proof, maintaining durability in harsh environmental conditions, making it the perfect sewing line for outdoor applications such as awning, boat cover, umbrella and even convertible top.
Plastic body, a35-
Over the years, senior manufacturers of professional four fluorine products have provided SolarThread among a range of deniers to meet customized needs. [
Slightly] IllustrationsRHL (
Richard Hoff Limited)
Booth 1753 of Richard Hoff Co. , Ltd (RHL)
Bolton, England--
An expert who has produced extension rollers for more than 200 years ---
A high-performance nylon textile extension roller cover has recently been introduced. [
Slightly] Illustrations
RHL recently delivered two of the largest polyamide rolls ever (see picture). The 240-
An inch-long synthetic roller is provided to the United States. S.
Upgrade the existing geotextile nonwovenscalender.
Due to the roll surface marking, the roll edge marking and roll edge defects are almost eliminated, which means that the quality defects are greatly reduced and the production cost is significantly reduced.
The exciting news for existing geotextile calendar users is that syncast covers can be installed on existing Cotton
Fill the extension roller.
The centrifugal casting plant with the largest capacity in the industry provides the company with the ability to do so.
Additional returns are available due to low upgrade costs (
No need to rebuild the main calendar)
Thus, the production efficiency is improved, the re-grinding maintenance is reduced, the paper quality is improved, the efficiency is improved, and the waste material is reduced.
Roll cover of more than 7 m (280 inches)
Face up to 1. 25 meters (50 inches)
Diameter can be manufactured using the largest centrifugal casting capacity in the industry.
Syncast can be used as a replacement cover for existing nylon rolls or as a complete new roll.
Rieter perfojet booth 1554 has launched its own fusion spray system in order to complete its spunmelt product range.
Thanks to its unique design, which reduces cleaning time and installation costs, it provides cost savings and quality advantages for the non-woven fabric industry.
Today, Litt has gained experience in meltblown by installing several industrial production lines.
The company\'s new generation of fusion spray systems, based on customer specifications, produce whole and layered fabrics starting from 1 gpsm and l [micro]m fibers.
This cutting-edge technology is characterized by a very narrow distribution of base weights and wire sizes, providing a highly uniform network structure even at specific throughput.
The new Rieter fusion spray system can be combined with the innovative spunobond 3000 spunbond tower to produce SMS networks.
The combination of these two technologies will make it possible for the production of waterstab non-woven fabrics specialized in hygiene, filtration and medical markets.
At TTNA, technical experts on water spurs and spinners will be able to discuss individual technical applications and mechanical requirements.
RITM booth 1527 innovative yarn processing machinery will be the focus of RITM. Two-for-
In addition to the first and assembled fiberglass winding machines, a twisting and wiring machine for industrial analysis and tire lines will be on display.
RITM will also highlight a highly flexible universal tongue twister UT 50, which processes yarn conveyor belts and fiberglass for most of the existing technology yarn markets.
STEWARTS/Balkan booth 1745 USA Stewarts is a global leader in hot and cold needle piercing systems in the non-woven industry.
S. Manufacturer\'s Stewarts offers custom pins, fixed products and competitive machinery and equipment for customers\' punching needs.
This year, the company launched a production line for vipers snake piercing machinery.
As a stand-alone unit or a unit that can be integrated into an existing line, it is both effective and simple to use.
With stewar\'s micro-nail technology, up to 1250 holes can be obtained per square inch.
Stewarts will also present a range of fixed products for all non-wood machinery manufacturers. [
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Balkan Textil is proud to announce the launch of its new Mini-
Recycling and recycling of non-woven waste from Edgetrim machine.
The new Edgetrim is much more economical than European machines and is manufactured to the same high standards.
The new Balkan mini edgetrim is a machine that can get a quick return on investment.
It is designed to be incorporated into any existing line.
The working width is 400. TATHAM LTD.
The drive system recently launched by Booth 2133 is an advanced product, forsynchronous drive application.
The system has superior performance and speed regulation performance.
It also saves a lot of energy.
With the current surge in energy costs and the increasing pressure on the environmental impact of industry, few companies are able to ignore this potential savings. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Tatham has sold more than 25 TS systems, with non-wovvensetor quickly becoming its main market.
Recently, a TS drive was installed in a car company in the United States. K.
Non-woven manufacturers
According to the company, \"We chose Tatham because they provided the latest available technology and had the necessary knowledge of the machinery.
The result is amazing, we can now greatly improve our line speed, our waste is reduced and the quality is improved, don\'t forget that we also save about 36% of our energy now.
The TS system is reliable in operation and has a small maintenance workload. It is a user-friendly,cost-
\"Effective, and most importantly, simple,\" said the customer . \".
In order to achieve maximum benefit, the system adopts high efficiency motor (
Standard four-bar design)There\'s off-the-
Compared to the DC motor, the shelving provides features that are low cost and easy to maintain.
A new control panel is provided to accommodate the latest high-performance ACdynamic drivers, providing constant torque even at low speeds.
All drives are connected with the latest high speed PLC, providing the final control specification. TEMP-
FLEX Booth 1024 Temp-
Flex produces Fluorine polymer, polyketone monofilament fibers and coatings.
The extruded monofilament fibers are very fine and wide in size. 003-. 045 inches.
High-performance materials used include PFA, FEP, ETFE, polybendione and peek.
High-Performance Materials have advantages in extreme environments.
The main features and advantages of extruded monofilament fiber sand coating include: high dielectric strength;
Excellent chemical resistance;
Heat resistance (150[degrees]C to 260[degrees]C);
Meet 94VOrating and self-lubricating.
These properties are the most valuable infiltration systems in which fibers act as barriers to contaminants. Temp-
Flex has celebrated more than 22 years in designing and manufacturing professional insulated wire and cable products for computer, medical, industrial, military and aerospace industries.
The precision processing of professional materials is the company\'s strong point.
The solutions we offer focus on providing smaller, faster and lighter weight products for a range of industries and applications.
Ticon BOOTH 1845 Fortron Industries LLC is a joint venture between ticon engineering polymer and Kureha Corporation, which has expanded its Fortron linear polystyrene (PPS)
Every year, the plant in Wilmington, North Carolina reaches 15,000 tons, completing three-
One year\'s efforts have doubled the capacity of the site.
The expansion has built the world\'s largest PPS plant.
Ed Hallahan, technical marketing manager at Fortron, said: \"expansion will help us to maintain a leading position in the industry . \" \"In the anniversaryof of the Fortron brand and the many new PPS grades we have launched, to meet the growing global demand for PPS and to innovate PPS applications, we help us
\"PPS is a high
Performance Materials for demanding applications.
It has excellent chemical and heat resistance, high hardness, rigidity and dimensional stability, low creep and moisture absorption properties.
In this application, it is often used instead of metal and heat sleeves: automatic pumps, valves, fuel rails and power systems;
Electronic Connectors, plugs, switches and circuit boards;
Structural and non-structural
Aircraft structural components and heaters grille, impeller, conveyor, power tools, microwave elements and other industrial uses.
Date/time of the event: Tuesday, April 1, 2008: 10: 00. m. -5:00 p. m.
April 2, 2008 Wednesday: 10:00m. -5:00 p. m. Thursday;
At 10: 00 a. m. on April 3. m. -3:00 p. m.
Venue: Exhibition Area: 144,000 square feet (Atlanta, Georgia (
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