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turn a laser into a powerful flashlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-12
I will show you how to easily turn the laser indicator into a flashlight. you will need:-a laser-
An old camera film container
An old prescription glasses, enlarged (
You can use a magnifying glass)-
A very small screwdriver. a drill-
Drill bit of the same size as laser width-glue (
I use tacky glue but I don\'t recommend it.
I would recommend super glue or epoxy glue that stays strong and dry fast but I use sticky glue because my super glue is running out)-
If you look at the bottom of the movie container, you will see a small dent or a small circle.
This will help you mark the center of the container.
Make sure you have drill bits in your laser width.
Drill holes in the middle so you can pass through your laser pointer.
Take your glue and put a little on the edge of the hole you drill.
Put your laser in so it\'s in the movie container for about a quarter of an hour.
You want to make sure that the laser points to a straight line, because if that\'s not the case, the project won\'t work.
I recommend placing the film container at the opening so that the holes you drill up can be drilled down directly.
Once you drill around where the laser pointer and film container meet, align the glue with the laser pointer.
Make sure you stick it well because you can\'t get into the inside of the movie container as shown in the last photo.
After sticking, you can make it completely dry.
You can put some tape to hold it for the time being if you need it, but I have not had a quick drying problem.
In this step you will pick up the glasses, find the screws and fix the lens in place.
Bring your screwdriver kit and find the correct screw cutter head that fits the glasses screws.
Remove the lens from any fingerprint or dust with a cloth and clean it.
After removing the lens, you want to place it so that it will fall off like the lens of the telescope.
When you place it, you want to place it so that lense is directly in the middle of the opening.
This is critical because the laser has to bend the lens in the middle so that the light will bend evenly on both sides.
When glowing, this will enlarge the size of the small laser point to a larger flashing circle.
Once aligned, put a little glue on the ring of the opening of the film container where the lens and container meet.
Keep it there until it starts to dry and then leave it so it can harden completely.
Once it\'s completely dry, you can shine it anywhere, and if it\'s not better, it will work like a very powerful flashlight.
Shine it in the dark and surprise yourself how great this is actually.
Getting into the dark is hard to get to where the bigger flashlight can\'t be installed, and where the smaller flashlight can\'t be lit is a great option. Have Fun!
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