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ultrafire flashlight: essential daily use flashlight with ...

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-02-27
Ultrafire flashlight is an essential product for daily use.Suitable for home and office use.The purpose of long-term use is durable and reliable products.It is called the led launch torch.It features the bright Cree brand Q3 LED light.
The LED light is an extra durable light that is brighter than any other light.Its durability is much longer than other ordinary filament lights.Its main body is made of aluminum.It lasts longer and is very durable.It has a hand strap and is convenient to carry with you.
It is a compact torch, so you can carry it without extra effort.It\'s easy for everyone to put it in their pocket, wallet and boat.It is waterproof and non-slipproof features.
Its main feature is brightness.
Brightness up to 180 lumens.
Brightness also depends on the charging of the battery.If the battery is fully charged, it will provide extremely high brightness this time.It has Li-Ion battery.This battery technology is currently used in heavy machinery such as car batteries.
This torch is a very useful product with a travel charger.Travel charger is not like any normal charger, it works in any country.It does not have the function of replacing the battery, it also has the function of rereplacing the battery built inCharge the battery.
It also uses advanced led technology.
Q3 led is a low emission light bulb with high brightness and clarity.Ultrafire flashlight gives a white light that is brighter than any other flashlight.Its led bulb has a life of about 1 hour, so it is more reliable for longer service life.
It has a very durable rechargeable battery with a battery running time of 3.4 hours.The size of this torch is 23 by 115mm.It has 5 mode click switches.With this switch, you can operate the light emission. There are 5 modes of launch for low, high, fast and slow flashes.
You can control the lighting power supply at any time.Ultrafire flashlight for children and adults.It has no harmful features.The basic difference between the Ultrafire flashlight and the ordinary flashlight is the brightness of its light.
The ordinary flashlight gives a light yellow light, while the super bright flashlight continues to give a brighter white light.There are many differences between the ordinary torch and the led 5 mode flash torch.Ultrafire flashlighthas monthly emission control equipment.
It has long life led bulbs and rechargeable Li-ion battery.It takes a few minutes to fully charge.It has waterproof function, so it is useful in case of rain.Led bulbs can amplify the light.In many high definition instruments, led bulbs are used for brightness and durability.
Suitable for use in dark areas of night and mountain areas, with the focus on roads.The efficiency of this product is very good.In the case of low battery charging conditions, it continuously provides bright white light for good visibility.
Its refractive index is too high, so there is no shadow.For the best performance, always stay fully charged.Turn off the torch when it is not in use
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