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Weekend Workshop: How to easily build a DIY hand-powered LED flashlight

by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-07
Do you need something to keep busy this weekend?
We got it for you.
The weekend workshop is our weekly column where we show a poor DIY project that you can do with minimal skills and expertise.
We have gone through all the online tutorials and have done extra to identify simple, affordable and fun projects.
So put on your work pants, grab your tool belt and go to the garage.
It\'s time to start building!
Before you absolutely need a proper LED flashlight, you will never realize how important it is.
What\'s worse, in this age of charging devices, buying spare batteries is something many of us forget to do, and the simple AA swap for soa is not always an option.
However, what is the use of some old options
Use the old-fashioned elbow grease to start that handy light in a few minutes.
Due to some patching, an instructures user named robo hub created a manual
LED flashlight.
Except for an old soda tank, some small LED lights, a 12-
Volt DC motor and some reflective tape, anyone can easily build one of these lights in less than an hour.
Sure, taking a Maglite out of your backpack while hiking will make you feel cool, but show your hands if you really want to wow your friends --Hand Shake skills.
To help you build this innovative flashlight, we \'ve completed a walkthrough of Robo Hub, piecing together an exact build list.
Just like most of the items that use a hot glue gun, we recommend having a general idea of how to use a hot glue gun to avoid any damage.
If you feel uncomfortable, ask someone for help or skip the project altogether.
Having said that, what you need to start doing is: Tools: Materials: prepare the necessary tools and materials, and now it\'s time to start piecing together this DIY hand
Just follow the steps of Robo Hubby-
In less than 30 minutes, you can prepare your elbow grease. Happy building!
Build the whole walkthrough of this DIY hand-
The powered LED flashlight can be found on the instructures.
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