10years focused on portable lights 

What about industry position of Taiyi Electronic ?
We strive to make our brand - ShaoXing Taiyi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. , known and appreciated by whoever engaged in the production, R&D, sales, supply, or purchase of Taiyi Electronic - it may be our customers, our competitors, our partners, the industry analysis, and so on. We know the market competition is strong and it is really hard to stand out. But with the aim of being the industry leader, we will continue to make efforts in market analysis and anticipation, product and technology improvement and innovation.

Taiyi Electronic takes the lead in developing and producing led camping lantern rechargeable. We have been dedicated to this industry for many years. Taiyi Electronic produces a number of different product series, including handheld spotlight. The quality control department must carry out rigorous testing on we pocket flashlight. These tests typically involve leakage detection, short circuit detection, and electrical load capability testing. The textured grip or magnetic design keeps it from slipping out of the hand. The product can remove viruses and bacteria that filters cannot remove by adding some chemical agents such as nanosilver antibacterial powder. The light emitted from the product is bright, even, and shadow free.

Our firm goal is to improve product quality throughout the product life cycle. Therefore, we will be committed to the continuous improvement of the product quality system and further training of employees. Inquire online!
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