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by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-10
When a child is born, leaving the warm comfort of the mother\'s womb and rushing into the world with a cry, there is hope.
Hopefully the mother, her children will be amazing and will be great to be a compassionate person.
In the community, want the child to be a responsible citizen and define the continuity of the future and life itself.
Hope that the brothers and sisters have a playmate, a brother and sister, a friend.
Children themselves are curious and surprised at what the world has to offer.
Even in the most remote areas of the world, there is hope to have the least amount of property.
There are sparks in the child\'s eyes, and there is a willingness to survive.
When I was traveling in the farthest part of the world, I met these children.
Live on farms and small communities, live their daily lives like any child, pay with a smile.
Whether it\'s in a remote beach dessert in Rajasthan, India, or in a tree village --
It is located in the dangerous Andes mountains of Peru.
These young, naive, beautiful children go to school, play in the fields, and have the same dreams as children anywhere.
They want to be doctors, teachers and engineers and go to Bollywood and Hollywood.
They want to travel around the world without any obstacles.
These children inspired me.
I also met a child who looked down.
They are dull by pain and fear.
Failure, fear, and sadness.
Defeated by illness, hunger and rejection.
In contrast, I\'m curious.
I wonder if I can do anything.
It\'s my catalyst to find something to revive these spirits and bring Sparks back to their lives.
Back home in California, I stumbled across the remarkable eye of a solar flashlight at Stanford University.
Sending a solar light to each child is a simple idea.
This lamp is durable, practical and affordable, with less than $30 per lamp.
The benefits of solar energy are also multifaceted.
Solar energy is rich, free, healthy and renewable.
The progress of solar energy is happening all over the world.
Solar roads, solar farms, miniature
Grid and moderate solar energy.
We should make full use of this resource.
However, there are a lot of questions about what would be good if given a simple light.
Problems related to lack of lighting are widespread in difficult geographical areas, very complex and larger than life.
Kerosene kills millions of people every year and emits a lot of carbon into our atmosphere every day.
In addition, de-
As a rural, non-rural, afforestation is a serious problem.
Electrified communities cut down forests for firewood and lighting.
How can a flashlight help?
Where is the proof? I agree.
These are important factors.
We cannot underestimate the scale or ignore the need for appropriate measures to assess the impact.
We need to prove the impact. -
School grades for receiving children, health benefits for removing toxic kerosene from the atmosphere, a decrease in the number of deaths.
But is it right what we measure?
My problem with you is-
How do you measure the glimmer of hope in that child\'s eyes?
The desire to go out and do big things.
The desire to achieve and improve their lives.
I found that the solar lights, like food and water, are a driving factor and fundamental.
Solar energy is different from handouts such as food or medicine.
These items are disposable.
Time consuming.
In geographical areas, of course.
Political unrest and poverty are essential.
In communities that are relatively stable and out of the grid, light enables children to read stories at night ---
We take it for granted that adults can do housework on uneven floors.
Light is giving power and giving motivation to someone to take the next step.
In fact, unlike handouts, it lets them do the work themselves.
These isolated communities need access to healthy light to improve their lives, make progress and connect with the rest of the world.
Benefits may not be measured directly or immediately--
But there is no doubt about the impact.
When I was solar-
I\'m looking for that spark.
I believe the humble flashlight can do a lot of things. -
It can provide hope and life. changing.
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