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What is the price of searchlight lighting ?
Please refer to our staff for the details on the price. The unit cost and total prices of the searchlight lighting vary based on the order quantity. In the market, there is an unwritten rule that the larger the order quantity is, the lower the unit price will be. ShaoXing Taiyi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has been following this rule. Since the material cost occupies 1/3 or 1/4 of the total cost, we purchase reliable raw materials in large quantities from our long-term partners to ensure the cost per unit is favorable. We promise that every customer can get your satisfying price here.

For so many years, Taiyi Electronic has been engaging the development and manufacture of portable led light. We hold the lead in the industry. Taiyi Electronic produces a number of different product series, including keychain light. The hardness, surface gloss, and the conductive properties of this product are decided by the nature of the chemical bond. It is perfect for those who like hiking, camping, sailing or hunting. Most clients recognize that it's made with good sewing workmanship. Hence, they are not afraid it's torn or frays when they stretch or pull it. It is designed in an enclosed structure, preventing any dust or insects from entering into it.

At the heart of our company are employees and values. We encourage our valuable and talented team to work for the company's goals based on quality, delivery, and service. Ask!
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