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by:Taiyi Electronic     2020-03-21
With its all-
The new Halo Speaker Creative Labs has succumbed to the trend of lighting Bluetooth audio peripherals led by JBL and Sony.
Creative by Creative Labs is a portable Bluetooth speaker that not only produces high
High quality sound, but also offers a programmable \"tunnel\" light show that dances and vibrates as your music.
Speakers can produce more than a dozen lighting effects, up to 16.
8 million colors, controlled by Xpectra light show Control, a dedicated app running on iOS and Android.
As for the sound, the halo is equipped with two complete
A range driver and subwoofer for extra bass.
According to the manufacturer, it has a battery life of up to 8 hours.
Retail price is 69 euros. 99 (RM351. 89).
Creative Labs is the latest audio expert to join custom lighting speaker trends following JBL Pulse and Sony.
JBL, a pioneer in the field, provides a third
Power generation pulse with unique vertical soda
Can shape design.
This is a Bluetooth speaker with customizable integrated LED lighting.
Pulse 3 is water-
In theory, it can survive under water for a few minutes.
With three
Range driver for 360 ° sound and battery for 12 hours, retail for 249 € (RM1,251. 90). Sony\'s SRS-
The XB40 speakers are equipped with LEDs and stroboscope, and can also produce the original multi
Colorful light show.
In the dark, SRS-when syncing with other units-
The XB40 can create the illusion of a mini
Portable disco
Two units are wirelessly connected in the same room, and the sound can be switched to stereo.
Even better, with the party chain feature of the device, you can sync the sound and lights of up to ten speakers. The Sony SRS-
The XB40 has a 24-hour battery life and retail price of 24 euros. —
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